How many people died in the 2010 floods of Bangladesh?

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53 people died in the flood on Bangladesh 2010
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How many people live on flood plains in Bangladesh?

1 / How many people live in Bangladesh? 160,000,128 were recorded in 2008 2/ what does that people? 3/ How Many People live in Dhaka? 4/ what kinds of work in Bangladesh?

How many people died in the flood of Bangladesh in 1998?

Bangladesh is situated on the Ganges Delta and the many distributaries that flow into the Bay of Bengal . Hence, it is prone toflooding every year. In 1998, over 75% of th

How does flooding affect the people of Bangladesh?

Bangladesh suffered one of its worst ever floods. Despite flooding being common in this country, the floods of 1988 were particularly resulting in over 1000 deaths and 30 mill

How many people died in Bangladesh flood?

In September 1998 Bangladesh saw the most severe flooding the modern world has seen. As the Brahmaputra, Ganges and Meghna split over and swallowed 300,000 houses, 6,000 miles

How do people deal to floods in Bangladesh?

They are so used to floods that they simply put out sandbags! They also put houses on stilts so they're above the flood water, The Bangladeshi government plant trees to prev