How many people died in the Vietnam War?

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U.S. 58,000 troops were killed
the North vietnamese army 1.1 million deaths 1,170,000 people were injured

Also, estimates for civilian deaths range from .5 to 2 million. There is difficulty in nailing down this number, because of several factors:
distinguishing between VC and Civilians was often difficult
poor census numbers, leading to inability to accurately count deaths
reluctance on the part of all parties to accurately count civilian deaths (propensity to over-inflate or under-count, depending on the entity)debate over including executed civilians not specifically related to combat (significant number of both North and South Vietnamese were killed by government forces of both sides in politically-motivated actions not remotely related to actual combat).
Note, most death counts cover 1959 - 1975.

Also, all of the numbers above EXCLUDE any deaths in Laos and Cambodia. A ballpark number for the entire regional death toll is 5+ million.

See the link below for a summary of military KIA for the war.
Over 58,000 US Servicemen died in the war; for casualties of other nations, see: Vietnam War casualties.
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How many Americans died in the Vietnam War?

Answer The Vietnam War Memorial, "The Wall", lists over 58,000 names of those who were killed during the conflict. I am a Vietnam Vet, and am somewhat embarassed to admit I do not know the exact number for you. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: According to American War and Military Operations Casualties (MORE)

How many people died in Vietnam?

There is a Estimation of over 300,000 casualties in The Vietnam war. Because in the year 1968, there was over 500,000 American soldiers fighting for the Southern part of Vietnam. And there could be less but no won knows or has a real number of the casualties.

How many people fought in the Vietnam War?

suggest . The total of US forces who fought in country and adjutant areas is 2.8 million, not to be confused with the approximately 8 million Vietnam era veterans who served stateside or elsewhere. There are many who claim to be Vietnam veterans such as the Commander of the America (MORE)

How many Canadians died in the Vietnam War?

The Canadian Viet Nam Veterans memorial in Windsor Ontario has 105 names in it, BUT many more Canadians were killed in American uniforms in that time period. The US accepted volunteers from Canada gladly, BUT they had to put a US " Hometown " on their applications so the numbers could be hidden. Man (MORE)

How many people were killed in the Vietnam War?

The U.S. military has estimated that between 200,000 and 250,000 South Vietnamese soldiers died in the war. Over 58,000 American military died during the Vietnam war as well. U.S. 58,000 troops were killed the North vietnamese army 1.1 million deaths 1,170,000 people were injured Also, es (MORE)

How many Australians died in the Vietnam War?

Answer . \n508 - 478 Army\n- 14 RAAF\n- 9 NAVY\n- 7 civillians\n. \n. \n- 6 servicemen were also declared missing in action. It is believed that they were killed but it has never been confirmed.

How many died in the Vietnam war?

The answer to this is impossible to answer because there are so many Enlisted Men NCO's (Non-Commissioned Officers) and O's (Officers) that went Prisoner Of War or MIA (Missing In Action) but the death toll currently says that 3 to 4 million Vietnamese from both sides, 1.5 to 2 million Laotians and (MORE)

How many people have died in war?

Estimates range from about 50-70 million killed in World War 2. The Wikipedia article "World War II Casualties" favours the relatively high figure of 72 million. Of these, 61 million were on the Allied side and 11 million were on the Axis side. The article gives a figure of 23 million dead for the S (MORE)

How many people died in the third year of the Vietnam War?

For the US, you must define the start of the Vietnam War first: Before 1961 there were about 12 killed. About 1,864 were killed between 1961 and and 1965. Add 5,008 for 1966, 9,378 for 1967, 14,594 in 1968, 9414 in 1969, 4,221 in 1970 and finish up with 1,380 in 1971. (Hostile fire figures onl (MORE)

How many people died in total in the Vietnam War?

about 58,000 people died in total. . CORRECTION: If you consider Vietnamese to be people, you can tack on another 1.1 million North Vietnamese deaths. Which still doesn't include all the deaths of future generations caused by Agent Orange.

How many people were affected by the Vietnam War?

In the common neighborhood in America of any state or US territory, during the 1960's; if the neighborhood newspaper boy was drafted (or enlisted) and was killed in Vietnam, the whole neighborhood was deeply upset. And they probably didn't even know him or his name. They simply heard he was "the new (MORE)

How many people total died in the Vietnam War?

US combat dead: 58209 According to the Vietnamese government, 1,100,000 Vietnam People's Army and National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam military personnel and 2,000,000 Vietnamese civilians on both sides died in the conflict. Above provided by Wikipedia.

How many forward observers died in the Vietnam war?

This answer will require research from future historians, because the duty of FORWARD OBSERVERS (FO's) "During the Vietnam War", applied to US Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen working ON the ground with army and marine units. The term also applied to US jet fighter bombers, such as the F-100 S (MORE)

How many us died in Vietnam war?

About 58,209 U.S. military service people died in the Vietnam War.About 645,000 Americans died during the Civil War fought in theU.S.

How many vietnameese died in the vietnam war?

There were between 195,000 and 430,000 deaths of South Vietnamesecivilians during the Vietnam War. There were between 50,000 and65,000 deaths of North Vietnamese and Viet Cong civilians duringthe war. There were 220,357-313,000 military casualties of SouthVietnamese soldiers, and between 400,000 and (MORE)

How many troops died in Vietnam war?

It is estimated that a total 1.475 million military troops werekilled were killed during the Vietnam War. This accounts for abouthalf of the total casualties known during the war.

How many people were drafted for Vietnam War?

Approximately 3,403,000 servicemen served thru-out Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Of those men, approximately 2,594,000 served "In Country" (Vietnam itself). If you want too, add to this figure the number of US military personnel (Army, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard) stationed in t (MORE)

How many people died from war?

many people die from war, they go and try to do what they think is rite. There is no way to be sure some bodies are never found, some wars never took casualties counts. But you can say they were heroes

How many people under the age of 21 died in Vietnam War?

Of the more than 58,100 Americans who died in Vietnam, 11,465 KIAs were less than 20 years old. The average age of all casualties was 23.11 years old.. According to the Department of Defense's Combat Casualty File, the average age of an Army infantryman serving in Vietnam was 22. None of the enlist (MORE)

How many died because of the Vietnam war?

For US casualties, see the website on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall. It will show you the names, dates, home towns, and ages of more than 58,000 men and 8 women.

How many US soldiers died in ambushes in the Vietnam War?

GI's in the field, when engaged with enemy units, used the term "Contact!" over the radio. Often times ambushes were screamed over the radio as "Ambush!" or "Contact"...and/or the term "Ambush" (over the radio) would transform from "Ambush to Contact" as the messege relayed from operator to operator (MORE)

How many people dies in Vietnam?

These figures are for US only. Battle deaths 47,410 Other deaths in service serving in a specific area (theater). 10,789 Other deaths in service (nontheater) 32,000

How many died in war in Vietnam?

The U.S. military has estimated that between 200,000 and 250,000 South Vietnamese soldiers died in the war. The Vietnamese government reported that its military forces, including the NLF, suffered 1.1 million dead and 600,000 wounded during Hanoi's conflict with the United States. Estimates of civ (MORE)

How many Australian sailors died in the Vietnam war?

8 Australian sailors were killed in Vietnam; two by US jets when their warship was accidently struck by missiles, during a US Navy swift boat battle with NVA helicopters. See book: "Swift Boat Down", by James Steffes; 2006, ISBN 1-59926-612-1 .

How many African American soldiers died in the Vietnam war?

According to the National Archives, the breakdown is as follows: . Race Number of Records . American Indian 226 Caucasian 50,120 Malayan 252 Mongolian 116 Negro 7,264 Unknown, Not Reported 215 Total 58,193 Information found on (MORE)

How many female u.s. soldiers died in the Vietnam war?

Equal opportunity occurred AFTER Vietnam. Vietnam was the last traditional war fought by men. Women in Vietnam and the US military were ALL VOLUNTEERS, and they mostly served in the medical field. US Military leadership in Vietnam consisted of World War II commanders (Westmoreland, Abrams, Colonel P (MORE)

How many people went to Vietnam war?

9,087,000 military personnel served on active duty during the Vietnam Era . 8,744,000 personnel were on active duty during the war . 3,403,100 (including 514,300 offshore) personnel served in the SE Asia . 2,594,000 personnel served within the borders of South Vietnam . Another 50,000 men served (MORE)

How many US soldiers died in the Vietnam War?

58,196 names have been listed on the Vietnam wall. However, Does 58,168 cover the MIA's, the POW's, the many people that were spit on, shouted at, called "non-Americans" after what they were forced to do in Southeast Asia? Answer According to the Scholastic Encyclopedia of the United States a (MORE)

How many people died due to guerrilla tactics in the Vietnam war?

You would have to subtract the casualties from the major conventional battles such as Hamburger Hill, Dak To, Khe Sanh, Ia Drang, Lam Son 719, the Cambodian invasion, the TET offensive, etc. in order to extract that data. You would also have to take into account the Air War conducted over North Vie (MORE)

How many died from friendly fire during the Vietnam war?

Nobody knows for sure. No one was keeping count, not all incidents were reported or even recognized as friendly fire, and the military did not want the subject explored or documented. By late in the war anecdotal rumor had it that as many as one third of all American deaths were due to friendly fire (MORE)

Are there stories about Vietnam war like people who died?

A book entitled, "Swift Boat Down" by Steffes, concerns the crew of a PCF that was sunk by NVA helicopters in 1968. The film, "Bright Shining Lie" starring Bill Paxton might be one. That charactor ultimately did die in South Vietnam. This scene occurs in about 1962. Most of the written stories (MORE)

How many us people died during the war in Vietnam?

There are slight variations in the official figures, because 88 names were added in 1997. The most official number seems to be 58,266 American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines killed. This includes died in captivity, non-combat deaths, died of wounds, etc. The largest number of dead were fr (MORE)

How many people were in a troop in the Vietnam war?

Speaking about the US Army in Vietnam and discounting the USMC, and US Army Armor & Infantry battalions; there were TWO types of mounted forces in the war: 1. US Mechanized Infantry battalions 2. US Armored Cavalry Squadrons Both of those types of units fielded about 900 men, with the Cav units so (MORE)

How many US woman soldiers died in Vietnam war?

Technically helicopters are rotor-wing aircraft and US women soldiers during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam were either WACs, WAFs, or WAVEs and were auxiliaries created by President FDR in 1940 to support the American fighting man. WACs/WAVES/and WAFs were officially disbanded in 1975 with the advent of (MORE)

How many 13E MOS soldiers died in the Vietnam war?

Viet War killed in action (US Army only) 11B (Infantryman)-20,460 11E (Armor Crewman (tank crewman)-725 11D (Armored Reconnaissance (Scouts)-1,127 Helicopter Crewmen-3,007 13E (Artillerymen (Redlegs/Cannon Cockers/Gun Bunnies) KIAs will be inside this figure 12,871 men.