How many people died in the lost city of atlantis?

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There is no answer to this question since the city is lost and information about it is mainly legendary. There are theories about where it could be, but nothing that it is true or real.
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Why was it named after the lost city of Atlantis?

How did the lost city of Atlantis get it's name you ask. You see, most people like you don't know. I do! It was named it because the the ancient story the 'Golden Mermaid' tol

How did the lost city of Atlantis sink?

It is somewhere near Europe and America. Maybe underwater............ Don't know,need help with homework ALSO> FU DOG FROM AMERICAN DRAGON JAKE LONG THE EPISODE HERO OF T

Where is the lost city of Atlantis located?

Atlantis is suppose to be a chunk of land that connects Europe toAmerica. I would have to say somewhere in the middle of the presentday Atlantic Ocean. Some say it is now rule

Why is atlantis the lost city called atlantis?

In Plato's account, it is because Atlas - the first son of a set of five twin-kings, is ruler of Atlantis and the Atlantic sea; his mother is Kleito, and his father Poseidon.

What is the book the lost city of Atlantis about?

The story of Atlantis is not a book in itself but is part of a larger work known as Republic by the Greek philosopher Plato. The story of Atlantis is a tale about a Greek i