How many people have died in Iraq in 2010?

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well over 9000, the power level of Iraq grows many a day, the US is sending in a squad called V.E.G.E.T.A soon to help.
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How many people died in the Iraq war?

Answer 1 Various estimates ranging from 150,000 to over 1.2 million have been produced for direct and indirect casualties as a result of conflict in Iraq based on varying periods of time from 2003 up to 2006-2010. Documents exposed by Wikileaks put official field counts at nearer the 109,000 mark, with roughly two thirds of those being civilian. Further estimates bump that figure up to around 150,000, with 80% being civilian. Answer 2 There is dispute about the number of people who have died in Iraq. One of the main sources used by the media is Iraq Body Count, whose website is They had a number of deaths from March 2003 to January 2009 of around 90,000. However they rely almost entirely on deaths reported in the media, and they themselves admit that their figures are likely to be a great underestimate. There have been a couple of serious studies. They came to the following figures: 655,000 as of June 2006 according to a Lancet study 151,000 as of June 2006 according to a New England Journal of Medicine study The Lancet and The New England Journal of medicine are two of the most respected medical journals in the world. It is important to realise that all studies of this kind have a large margin of error. The Lancet study stated they had a 95% confidence that the figure was in the range 392,979 to 942,636. The New England Journal of Medicine has 95% confidence it is in the range 104,000 to 223,000. Thus there is dispute amongst serious epidemiologists. Both studies consider only the first 1198 days (up until the end of June 2006 ), whereas as I write this it is mid January 2009, 2136 days since the start of the conflict. The Lancet study gives an average number of deaths of 546.7 per day, and the NEJM study gives an average 126 deaths per day. If we assume that the number of deaths continues at the rate that the two studies have given, then the NEJM suggests that around 269,000 (over a quarter of a million) have died as of 1st Jan 2008, and the Lancet study suggests that around 1.1 million have died as of this date. Clearly there is a wide range of figures. However, there have been many politically motivated criticisms, aiming to reduce the magnitude or severity of the casualties. The fact remains that the best is to rely on serious scientific evidence, and to cite your sources. Number of deaths Number of deaths On 30th June 2006 On January 1 2008 Number of deaths Per day Lancet Study 655,000 546.74 955,710 New England Journal of Medicine Study 151,000 126.04 220,324 For more information, see the Related Links listed below. Answer 3 4,257 Americans have died. 30,182 have been wounded.

How many troops died in Iraq?

People are still dying, but this is the most up to date estimate (22nd November 2007). The estimated civilian death toll is now 77,333 - 84,250. Military Fatalities: By Time PeriodPeriod US UK Other Total Avg/Day Days 6 790 43 9 842 2.82 299 5 933 32 20 985 2.39 412 4 715 13 18 746 2.35 318 3 580 25 27 632 2.93 216 2 718 27 59 804 1.9 424 1 140 33 0 173 4.02 43Total 3876 173 133 4182 2.44 1712 See: Iraq Coalition casualty count - Iraq Body Count -

How many people died in the Iraq genocide?

The Iraq genocide results of death was over 200,000- 227,000 and over 300,000 injured Just around 1,000,000 people were affected physically. 50,000 girls under the age of 15 were raped and killed

How many people have died in 2010?

According to a widget on, approximately 41,317,000 (forty-one million three hundred and seventeen thousand) people have died so far in 2010, with 2 more people dying every second. This answer was recorded on September 14th, 2010, so obviously the answer will change over time.

How many people have dies from anthrax in 2010?

13 deaths from infected heroin in the past year. Heroin was being contaminated with anthrax. Anthrax-related heroin deaths are extremely rare, and in the past were unheard of in the UK. There has been only one known previous outbreak among heroin users, and that took place in Norway in 2000.

How many people died in 2010 from smoking?

None. The figures quoted are generated by a GIGO computer model. If you built similar models to 'guestimate' the number of people 'dying from' obesity, alcohol abuse, traffic pollution, industrial pollution, workplace pollution, domestic pollution, drug abuse, climate change, food additives, stress, etc. and added them altogether, mankind would have died out decades ago!