How many people live in Munchen?

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About a million but more in the burbs.....One of my favorite cities in the world!

How many people live in Wyoming?

The population in Wyoming as of July 1, 2015 was 586,107 per theU.S. Census Bureau. Wyoming is the least populated U.S. state.

How many people live in Antarctica and how did they live?

No one 'lives' in Antarctica. People work and live in Antarctica -- both are required -- in support of science on a temporary basis. Maximum population on the continent duri

Is Munchen in Prague?

Munchen (or Munich) is located in Germany, while Prague is located in the Czech Republic. So no, not quite the same place!
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How many people live in Stowmarket?

The population of Stowmarket is currently about 17,000; however,this figure is set to increase due to the ongoing plans forextension.