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How many pounds of feces are in the human body?

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How many pounds of feces are in the human body?

The average person can have between 4-25 pounds of "built-up" intestinal matter in their colon- factors effecting this number are your metabolism, diet, genetics and rate of bowel movements. The general term for feces stuck in the human body is mucoid crap.
A doctor can remove some of this build-up with a colon cleansing.
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How many pounds is the human head?

The average human head weighs around 8-10 pounds

Why would human feces be gray?

What gives feces a dark color is bile salts that are excreted into the small intestine from the gallbladder, and when there is an obstruction in the pathway of these salts com

How many pounds of bone is in the human body?

The number of pounds of bone in a human body depends on the age and  sex of the individual. Children's bones weigh less than adults.
Are ant feces toxic to humans?

Are ant feces toxic to humans?

Ant feces are no more toxic to humans than any other fecal matter. Rarely, individuals may be sensitive to proteins in ant droppings, but the volume is so small that few peopl

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Is it ok to eat human feces?

NO- Do Not Eat Feces   By Consuming your own or other people's feces you carry the risk of contracting diseases spread through fecal matter, such as Hepatitis A, Hepatiti

Why do dogs like human feces?

first, because there so used to seeing there own kind that there is something new about human feces that adore them. there also because humans can give off energy to the dogs

Do rats eat human feces?

Yes, for the nutrients. So, be caeful of sewer mains that backup into homes. Mice will eat them as well.

Is opossum feces toxic to humans?

D0 N0T EAT IT, or touch it, it is bound to have ecolie or whate ever its spelled
What sickness do you have when human feces have blood?

What sickness do you have when human feces have blood?

There can be a number of causes of having blood in the faeces, and most of them are not serious. It can just mean that there are cuts or lesions in the rectum, which are re-op
Is human feces toxic?

Is human feces toxic?

Yes, human fecal matter is toxic. That does not mean that if you ate a spoonful it would kill you immediately. However our fecal matter is full of chemicals such that our bodi

Human feces normal consistency?

Consistency of feces depends on: a. Nature of diet 1. rancid food (diarrhea) - very soft and watery stool 2. High lipid diet ( steatorrhea) -foamy and mushy stool 3. thorou

Can a house be made from human feces?

No, both because there would not be enough to build a house and  also because it would never pass inspection for occupancy due to  the plethora of germs involved.