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How many pounds of feces are in the human body?

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The average person can have between 4-25 pounds of "built-up" intestinal matter in their colon- factors effecting this number are your metabolism, diet, genetics and rate of bowel movements. The general term for feces stuck in the human body is mucoid crap.
A doctor can remove some of this build-up with a colon cleansing.
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Why would human feces be gray?

What gives feces a dark color is bile salts that are excreted into the small intestine from the gallbladder, and when there is an obstruction in the pathway of these salts com (MORE)

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Can you die from eating human feces?

You can get diseases. Untreated, some of these can be fatal. Others will just make you wish you were dead. Feces are, after all, concentrated human waste -- the stuff we eat t (MORE)

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Is it ok to eat human feces?

NO- Do Not Eat Feces   By Consuming your own or other people's feces you carry the risk of contracting diseases spread through fecal matter, such as Hepatitis A, Hepatiti (MORE)

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