How many presidents or former presidents have committed suicide?

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How many presidents committed adultery?

At least. Clinton, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, and Roosevelt were reported to have had extramarital affairs- along with earlier Presidents.

How many presidents were former vice presidents?

There were a total of 14. Nine replaced Presidents who died or resigned and five were elected president after they finished their term as vice-president. Former vice-president

Which us president committed suicide?

There were rumors that Warren G. Harding may have taken his own life in the wake- or spillage- of the Tea Pot Dome scandal involving at base- an oil refinery. ( some things ne

How many former presidents wives are living?

There are five: Nancy Reagan, Rosalynn Carter, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton as this date of 4/25/13

Did President Lincoln try to commit suicide three times?

yes!, president linocoln had problems with depression it got so bad they(friend) had to lock him up in a room & tAkee turns to look after him & also take away anything that he

How many former presidents signed the constitution?

No former US presidents signed the constitution. Two former presidents of the Continental Congress( Gorham and Mifflin) and two future US presidents (Washington and Madison) s

How many us presidents or former presidents died in NY?

Seven - Monroe, Van Buren, Fillmore, Grant, Arthur , McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt died in New York.

How many former presidents are there in Wisconsin?

There are no former US presidents living in Wisconsin.

Was John Quincy Adams the first president to commit suicide?

John Quincy Adams did not commit suicide. He died at an advanced age from a stroke. No US president has ever committed suicide.

Did any US President commit suicide?

No........... One of the rumors floating around after Warren Harding's death was that he committed suicide to avoid impeachment and disgrace. However, it is more likely that

What happen to the member if the president of the insurance company is committed suicide?

There is no question for the member to fall in deep water if the president of the insurance company committed suicide, because apart from the President, there is Board of Dire