How many species become extinct everyday?

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About 35 - 150 species of life become extinct everyday. Most due to deforestation (loss of rainforest).
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How many species become extinct each year?

Each year as many as 50,000 species of animals and plants become extinct due to deforestation and hunting. This causes the food chain to muddle up, and other animals die out.

List how many species have become extinct?

There are so many..... first of all the dino's are extinct.''' There are also the following animals The baiji dolphin The west African black rino The golden toad

How many animal species become extinct each year?

Nobody knows for sure, because we don't know how many differentspecies of insects, birds, fish and animals there are. There are many causes of extinction: . deforestation .

How many species have become extinct since 1900?

Every day from 35-150 species become extinct so you can now calculate with average value of 93 per day * 365 per year and multiply by 110 years and you get enormous number of

How many animal species have become extinct in the past year?

Scientists have identified and catalogued around 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 species (of animals and plants), most of which are insects (most of which are beetles). However, those