How many states require motorcycle riders to wear helmets?

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According to AP writer, Jennifer C. Yates in the Hanover, PA <i><A HREF="">Evening Sun</A></i>, "Twenty states have laws requiring all motorcycle riders to wear helmets, while 27 states have laws that require minors or passengers to wear head protection. Iowa, Illinois and New Hampshire have no helmet laws."
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How many horseback riders wear helmets?

Not nearly enough. In Canada riders younger than 18 in riding establishments have to wear helmets and it is becoming more acceptable.. MY guess would be 15 to 25% in the gene

Which law require all motorcycle riders wear helmets?

The mandatory use of motorcycle helmets is far from universal. In jurisdictions where it IS mandatory, it is a state or provincial law that requires the use. For example

California State Law requires motorcycle riders to ride with helmets on?

Yes. CA Vehicle Code Section 27803 . (a) A driver and any passenger shall wear a safety helmet meeting requirements established pursuant to Section 27802 when riding on a m

Why are motorcycle riders required to wear helmets?

Because it's the law in case of a crash. Helmets protect the head which encases the brain which is vital to the whole entire body because it controls everything. Head injuries