How many women currently serve in the military?

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About 250,000.
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How many Americans serve in the military currently?

Answer . According to the US Department of Defense Website (as on October 6, 2007) . . . ". . . over 1.3 million men and women on active duty, and 669,281 civilian personnel, we are the nation's largest employer. Another 1.1 million serve in the National Guard and Reserve forces. About 2 mill (MORE)

How many Navajos serve in the military?

The 2012 the census reports that 161,686 Native American Indianswere veterans. There are 31,155 in active duty. There is not abreakdown by tribe, but Navajo and Cherokee make up a large portionof all American Indians. As a percentage of the population nativepeople serve at a higher rate. The vast ma (MORE)

What percentage of Americans currently serve in the Military?

For nearly two generations, it has not been required to serve inthe military, and as a result, fewer people have been serving.There is currently less than .5 percent of the population thatserves in the Military, compared with 12 percent during WWII.

Who can serve in military?

Every nation has its own standards. Without a specific country, it's difficult to answer meaningfully. As a general rule, most countries allow any of their citizens who meet age, medical, background and aptitude requirements to serve.

Why should women serve in the military?

women should be able to serve in the military because they are becoming more and more powerful in every other aspect of life, why not in the military? As a military hopeful myself, I see no reason for woman to be turned away from the military. If we can pass the same tests as the men and do everyt (MORE)

How many blacks are serving in the current congress?

The 111th Congress has 42 black congressmen/women. They are.... Alabama Artur Davis (D) California Barbara Lee (D) Maxine Waters (D) Diane E. Watson (D) Laura Richardson (D) District of Columbia Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) 1 Florida Corrine Brown (D) Alcee L. Hastings (D) Kendrick Meek ( (MORE)

How many women currently attend UCLA?

University of California: Los Angeles Los Angeles, California . 58% Women . 42% Men . For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated below this answer box.

Who are two women who are currently serving in the US senate?

In August 2012, 17 women are U. S. Senators: . Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska . Democrat Diane Feinstein of California . Democrat Barbara Boxer of California . Democrat Mary Landrieu of Louisiana . Republican Olympia Snowe of Maine . Republican Susan Collins of Maine . Democrat Barbar (MORE)

Who manages hospitals for men and women who have served in the military?

The veterans administration does this and has hospitals and small facilities around the country. They have their own website. There is also private Tricare coverage for retired servicepeople who can go to any medical facility. Many vets are eligible for medical care under the Veteran's Administratio (MORE)

How many Koreans serve in the Korean military?

North Korea:active are 1,19o,ooo reserve are 4,700,000 (currently the 4th largest in the world) South Korea: active are 683,200 reserve are 3,040,000(currently the 6th largest in the world) Then when they unify BANG they get to have the 2nd largest army in the world and have a larger economy tha t (MORE)

Which 7 women are currently serving in the US Senate?

I can think of 9: 2 from California: Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer 1 Alaska: Lisa Murkowski 1 Michigan: Debbie Stabenow 1 Maryland: Barbara(?) Mikulski 1 New York: Kirsten Gillebrand 1 Missouri: Claire McCaskill 2 Maine: Susan Collins and Snow

How many women have died in the military?

You stated US Army- in what might be called the most hazardous duty end of this service available to women- the Women"s Army-AF Service Pilots- or WASPS, there was a total of 38 fatal accidents. One case- the body was never recovered and this Lady was delivering an armed A-36 assault plane. Obviousl (MORE)

How many years do you serve in the military?

There is no set amount of time. When you join any of the Military branches as an Enlisted person, you can sign a contract of varying lengths up to 6 years. You can continue to re enlist as long as you meet certain requirements. Retirement is first offered after 20 years at 50% of your pay. Every yea (MORE)

How many Mormons are currently serving in Arizona offices?

Since religious preference is a freedom granted in this country, it is not necessarily public knowledge what religion any specific public servant belongs to. Thus, there is really no way to determine for certain the number of public servants in Arizona who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ o (MORE)

How many Jews serve in the United States Military?

Throughout American history, Jews have played an important role in the military, dating back to Colonial times. In 1654 Asher Levy, one of the original 23 Jewish settlers of New Amsterdam, demanded the right to stand guard at the stockade. Jews had been previously excluded from the voluntary home gu (MORE)

How many Mormon serving in military?

It is impossible to know for sure, since there are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the 'Mormon' church) serving in the military of many nations. They are not required to disclose their religion to the military, and they are not required to disclose their military servic (MORE)

How many Mormons have served in the military?

It would be impossible to know, since you are not required to disclose your religion to the military, and you aren't required to disclose your military service to your church. Thousands of Mormons serve in the military of their respective nations around the world.

Should women in the military serve in combat zones?

Answer 1 Yes as nurse or helping civilians or reporter to watch and report soldiers attitude against human rights. As a fighter, woman will not be a woman if she turn to fighter. Women are sign of peace, love, stability and soft hearts, how to turn them to killers with no hearts. I fully support (MORE)

Why cant a women in the military serve on the fornt line?

Women serving in the military is a hot topic. Women serving on the front lines is very controversal. I'm not trying to argue against them in service but I am trying to explain the issues. The issue is NOT whether women can do the same work as men. The problem is two fold. First -- Men have this (MORE)

How many military documents does AWD currently have?

(If you are referring to the Afghan War Documents)There are 91,731 document logs covering the period between January 2004 through December 2009. Most of these documents are classified as being secret with only 75,000 released to the public.

How many women are employed by the military?

There are over 214,000 women in the military. This is not counting branches of the military such as the reserves and the National Guard. These statistics come from the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.