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2-letter words
xi, xu

3-letter words

4-letter words

5-letter words
xebec, xenia, xenic, xenon, xeric, xerus, xylan, xylem, xylol, xylyl, xysti, xysts

6-letter words
xebecs, xenial, xenias, xenons, xylans, xylems, xylene, xyloid, xylols, xylose, xylyls, xyster, xystoi, xystos, xystus

7-letter words
xanthan, xanthic, xanthin, xerarch, xeroses, xerosis, xerotic, xeruses, xiphoid, xylenes, xylidin, xylitol, xyloses, xysters

8-letter words
xanthans, xanthate, xanthein, xanthene, xanthine, xanthins, xanthoma, xanthone, xanthous, xenogamy, xenogeny, xenolith, xerosere, xiphoids, xylidine, xylidins, xylitols, xylocarp, xylotomy

9-letter words
xanthates, xantheins, xanthenes, xanthines, xanthomas, xanthones, xenograft, xenoliths, xenophile, xenophobe, xerophile, xerophily, xerophyte, xeroseres, xylidines, xylocarps, xylograph, xylophone

10-letter words
xanthomata, xenobiotic, xenogamies, xenogeneic, xenogenies, xenografts, xenolithic, xenophiles, xenophobes, xenophobia, xenophobic, xenotropic, xerography, xerophytes, xerophytic, xylographs, xylography, xylophones, xylotomies

11-letter words
xanthophyll, xenobiotics, xenophobias, xerographic, xerophilies, xerophilous, xerophytism, xerothermic, xiphisterna, xylographer, xylographic, xylophagous, xylophonist

12-letter words
xanthophylls, xerographies, xerophytisms, xiphisternum, xylographers, xylographies, xylophonists

13-letter words
xenodiagnoses, xenodiagnosis, xerophthalmia, xerophthalmic, xylographical

14-letter words
xenodiagnostic, xenophobically, xerophthalmias

15-letter words
xerographically, xeroradiography

17-letter words

132 words
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How many Words from the word ''dictionary''?

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How many words are in the dictionary?

  The Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for1671,47 words in current use

How many words are in the English dictionary?

Answer:  The Oxford English Dictionary was the largest dictionary in the world. It is composed of 20 volumes (weighing a combined 138 pounds). It contains 500,000 words  It

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How many words in an English dictionary?

The Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use, and 47,156 obsolete words.

How many words are in the Oxford Dictionary?

as at November 2005 there are 59 million words listed over 22,000 pages and it would take a single person 120 years to type and 60 years to proofread

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