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You need a bachelor's degree to start. It may be in criminal justice, business, history, political science or any other major. After this you need to take the LSAT and get into a law school. It takes three years to get your J.D. and another year to get your L.L.M. At most it will be eight years.
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How many years do it take to become a lawyer?

About 4 years in undergrad, and about 3 years of law school, then the bar exam will be a couple months later and results usually take a few months after that. So all out, it

How many years does a person have to go to college to become a lawyer?

  In the US, one first does a 4-yr degree in the bachelor of the arts before pursuing a law degree at a law school     it is sometimes possible to gain admission t

How many years of TOTAL study does it take to become a lawyer?

In most of the United States, it takes a bachelor's degree and a law degree to take the bar exam. The standard time for that is seven years.

How many years of college when becoming a lawyer?

Short answer:7-8 years Long answer: Typically you need a 4 year pre-law degree, then 3 years of law school followed by passing the Bar Exam with the exception of California t

How many years of study to become a civil lawyer?

in the usual amount of time, you have to study in university for about 4 years to become a good civil lawyer. To be a great lawyer, people tend to study for 6 years. I have fo