How much DNA do you share with chimps?

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Answers range from 95%-99% 95%, but is about right. Chimpanzees are the animals most closely related to us in the evolutionary tree, that does not mean that chimpanzees are 95% similar to us, though.
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How much DNA do humans share with a chimp?

It is commonly though to be 98%. However, recent studies have differing views. The BBC has published 95%, and Riken (a Japanese Lab) has published 85%. Please see the relat
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How much of your genetic blueprint does the chimps share?

Nearly all of it ... around 98%. The vast majority of DNA is concerned with the basic chemistry of life, which is nearly identical between a chimp and a human. It's not all th
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How much DNA does a human share with a potato?

Humans share very little with a potato. Chromosomes are acollection of DNA woven around protein. A chromosome may contain asmany as 100,000 to billions of nucleotides in one c
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Why does a chimp have DNA?

A Chimpanzee is a living creature and all living creatures have DNA, so naturally a chimpanzee does. DNA contains the genetic code for life, so chimpanzees need to have DNA.