How much are California tax title and license fees?

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Approximately 10% of the purchase price. Ca sale tax is 8.25, title is is the cost of one month payment (the initial first 3 years approximately), and license is approximately 200.00. Hope that helps.
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When refinancing how much more should you put down for tax title and fees if the payoff amount is 8100 dollars?

Answer . Generally when you get a car loan, the down payment is determined by such things as your credit rating, the age of the car (i.e. likelihood of it being reliable or

How much are impound fee in California?

When my car was impounded it was 150 for the tow and 50 a day for storage. Plus there is a CHP release fee that could be any where from 100-200. my car was towed

How much is tax title and license on a new vehicle in Texas?

1) Tiltle Transfer - This is a fee for the actual title work and will run about $33. 2) Sales Tax - Based on where you purchased the vehicle it can be anywhere from 6 1/4 to

I live in California and just won three 2008 jeep wranglers how much would my taxes and fees be?

\n. \nCongratulations on winning that double-edged sword! We have to pay tax, license and dealer fees in addition to adding the retail value of the vehicles onto your income

How much is tax title and license in Louisiana?

LA State Tax = 4% + Parish and Municipal Taxes = varies by parish/city. For your Parish & City's tax rates, visit: + Title Fee =

How much is a business license fee?

Its around $100 For a general business license, the cost varies by city/county. I've seen fees lower than $30/year to above $150/year.
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How much does tax tags and title fees cost on new cars in Illinois?

how much does tax, tags and title cost in Illinois . Preferences. §. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 0. -. =. Backspace. Tab. q. w. e. r. t. y. u. i.
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What are the typical franchise tax fees in California?

A franchise tax is a government tax charged byindividual U.S. states to corporations, limited liability companiesand partnerships that have nexus in the state. The franchise f