How much are property taxes and home owners insurance in conway South Carolina?

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There is no way to answer this question with the limited information, contact the city and county collectors and an insurance agent for this answer.
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How do you find out if a person has home owners insurance on their property?

Answer . \nYou could ask the owner if they do but they are not obligated to disclose that information. You may have to sue them in court and if they have insurance coverag

Can you have non-owners sr22 insurance on an auto and a motorcycle in South Carolina?

Answer . No, Non-Owners insurance, with or without an SR22 filing, As the name implies indicates that you do not own or regularly operate a vehicle. Non-Owners coverage is

In a Life Estate tenancy who pays the taxes and insurance on the property the owners or the the tenant?

The tenant is the owner, fee simple, for his/her lifetime and pays taxes and insurance as anyone would on land they own. Instead of having an heir, a life estate has a 're

How much does home owners insurance pay when someone is hurt on your property?

there is no way to answer this, it depends on many many things...what are the circumstances? how was the person injured? what are their injuries? etc etc etc...were you neglig

How much is home owners insurance?

Answer . Home owner's insurance is based on several different Items. The Location is the number one thing. then after that, The size, and elevation of the house. also ho

How much does home owners insurance cost?

it will cost how ever much it costs cause that's what coach king says. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

What is difference between home owners insurance and rental property insurance?

Other than home owners insurance covering your primary residence where you live and rental property insurance covering a home that you rent to others there are a few differenc

How much is a double break on a foot from home owners insurance?

There is not enough information to answer your question. Did this injury occur in the home or away from the home? Who was injured and how did it occur? Was an insured house
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How much on average does home owners insurance cost in California?

How much does the average home in California cost? These types of questions are impossible to answer and if I gave you and answer it would be useless to as well. There are eig