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How much candy is sold each year in the US?

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too much. 9.29 million $'s worth. over 900 million pieces each year.
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How much duct tape is sold each year?

if you go to duct tape club they have a link that tells you weight number of roll length the only one i can quote is496,022 linear miles in 2005 that's enough to go to the moo

How much candy is sold at Halloween?

Unimaginable amounts! Approximately 598 million pounds or  $1.9 billions worth of candy is sold during the Halloween  season. Nearly 90 million pounds of the candy sold duri

How much milk chocolate is sold each year?

About 90 million pounds of chocolate candy is sold the week before  Halloween. A little over 70 million pounds the week before Easter.  A lot of kids like them!