How much do plumbers pay hourly?

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depends on the education the "plumber " has If the plumber only has a journeyman's license class A they can expect $50 per hr if they hold a masters license they can make in excess of $400 per hr
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How much does a plumber cost hourly?

Are you talking with fringe benefits or just the hourly wage or what the LMP charges to cover over head and profit? with fringe benefits

What is a reasonable hourly price to pay a plumber to replace a bathroom sink faucet?

"Reasonable" is in the eye of the beholder. Business's are competitive, and as long as it's not the only game in town, you can bet that it's charging the maximum the market wi

How much does a plumber make hourly?

Depending on skill level and what type of "plumbing" they do the minimum a Master plumber with the proper formal education should average $150 - $350 per hr NOT including mate