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How much does 1 barrel of crude oil weigh?

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Texas Crude Oil Density = 873 kg / cubic meter
1 cubic meter = 264.172 gallons
1 barrel of oil = 42 gallons
42 gallons * (1 cubic meter / 264.172 gallons) = .15898 cubic meters / barrel
.15808 cubic meters / barrel * (873 kg /cubic meter) = 138.8 kg / barrel of oil
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How much does gallon of crude oil weigh?

The weight can vary. Heavy oil weighs more than light oil. To determine the weight, we need to know the density of the oil, which is given as degrees API. Density in pounds p

What can be made out of 1 barrel crude oil?

Many things can be made out of crude oil including synthetic textiles, plastics, fertilizers, bubblegum(!) , car gasoline (car petrol), diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, tar for

How much was a barrel of crude oil worth?

That was the month and year that a barrel of crude oil reached its highest level: $128.08 per barrel.

How much gasoline is made from a barrel of crude oil?

It varies alot. The minimum value is zero- as some crude oil are refined into other products. So, let's assume this is a crude that is economical to refine into gasoline. In t
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How much does 1 gallon of crude oil weigh in US pounds?

A gallon of anything is equal to eight fluid pounds. this is because there are two pints, which is equal two sixteen fluid ounces, in a quart and there a four quarts in a gall