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How much does US Marines pay per year?

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7o,ooo per year
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How much does a secretary earn per year if it pays 2200 dollars?

Depends on the frequency of the $2,200 (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) If it were weekly, multiply 2200 by 52 to get answer If it were bi-weekly, multiply 2200 by 26 to get

How much did the Chicago Bulls pay Michael Jordan per year?

According to Basketball Reference: 1984-85 - $550,000 1985-86 - $630,000 1986-87 - $737,500 1987-88 - $845,000 1988-89 - $2,000,000 1989-90 - $2,250,000 1990-91 -

How much does a Force Recon Marine get paid per year?

The average salary for marine force recon jobs is $40K. Average marine force recon salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, and experience.

How much do Capital IQ users pay per year?

  It depends on the package you get, ie what features you need. You have to pay extra for some things, such as knowing the identity of the analysts behind stock ratings. O

How much money does a US marine make a year on average?

This varies greatly by rank:    Brand new private (E1): $28,800    4-Star General with 38 years of service (General Pace): $224,100    Note that this does