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How much does a master plumber charge?

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I cannot speak for all the other master plumbers but I charge normally $2,000 - $3,000 per day for my services for 7 hrs
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How much does a master plumber make?

Working alone a master plumber should net no less than $240,000 per  yr.   It also has a lot to do which state they hold a master's license in  as many master plumbers d

How much does a plumber charge?

as a plumber in the UK i charge £50 for the first hour and £35 an hour after that. Expect to pay more for a corgi gas fitter though....

How much should a master plumber make in Greenville SC?

  i know that union scale is low 22.00 on the check total package is less than 50.00 $ an hour ,but i caught a service call in landrum,sc and charged 58.00 and hour with a

Can you charge out as much for a journeyman as a master plumber?

Many master plumbers send out employees who are not master card holders and still charge the same rate. In locations that do not require an employee to have any type of licens