How much does a mermaid tail cost?

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over $100.00 if you want a good one
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How much does it cost to make a mermaid habitat?

Depends on how much design you would like. I would look up the materials you would need/ desire, add it all together, plan it out (For designing and spacial moving for swimmin

How much does it cost to get a real mermaid tail just like those in H2O just add water and where do you get them?

It's easier to start with where: Any good props or special effects department at TV or film studios would be worth approaching. If they have spare time and if they have the ri

How much do h2o mermaid tails cost?

Right u want a tale well the ones u see r professional and their one of a kind but listen I will have to say they would be like 200 and this is where u could get one

How much do fake mermaid tails cost?

The price of a mermaids tail can range highly. Many people custommake different types of these tails some crochet, some are vinyl,and some are made to be realistic.