How much does a slate roof cost?

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How much does it cost to replace a roof?

That depends . That depends on a lot of stuff. How big is the roof? What quality shingle -- assuming it's shingles -- are you going to replace it with, 20-year, 30-year,

Do slate roofs use nails?

Generally, stainless steel or copper nails are used to fasten slate shingles to the roof sheathing.

Why is slate used for roofs?

Slate roofing has many advantages over roofing solution. It offers: 1. Most Economical 2. Highly durable 3. Attractive appearance 4. High water absorbent capacity 5. Withstand

Why do slate roof tiles fail?

\n. \n. \nThey expand and contract with the heat and the cold, which makes them chafe against each other and the fasteners that hold them. A little water may get under them

How much does it cost to lay slate flooring?

Go get three bids from licensed and bonded contractors. Location and economic factors (such as how busy they are) always come into play.. Slate floors put down in Las Vegas t

What is a slate roof?

Slate which is a type of stone is used for the roof tiles instead of shingles. It splits in thin sheets and is nailed to the roof the same as regular asphalt shingles.

What goes under slates on a roof?

The best thing that should be under a roofing slate is all natural, hard, solid wood. when a slate roof is installed properly NO UNDERLAYMENT IS NECESSARY. however roofing fel

Why are slates used as roofing?

Slate roof are natural stone formations that splits very easily into thin sheets, which provide superior protection against rain and snow. They are also very resistant to wind

What are the procedures to maintain a slate roof?

Maintaining a slate roof is very important to avoid your roof fromgetting damaged. To maintain the natural slate roofing can bebeautiful, it can be extremely heavy and expensi