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How much does a typical doctor visit cost for uninsured patients?

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Depends on what speciality the doctor you are visiting has.
Family practice: $95 to $265
Specialist: $115 to $325
Rheumatologist: $91 to $137

It is highly dependent on the location as well. Urgent Care offices usually publish their cash prices. You will be billed different prices when you use insurance.
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How much does a visit to a cardiologist cost?

If you do not have any insurance, and are paying out-of-pocket, expect the fee to see a private cardiologist to be anywhere from $200 - $400. This will include the office visi

How much does a MRI cost for uninsured patients?

There are different types of MRIs, including with and without contrast. Typical cost for uninsured patient goes from $1100 to $2700 . However, if you only need the simpler M

How much does it cost to become a doctor?

It depends on the school you choose to go to. Including the first 4 years of college and then medical school with no scholarships or grants it can range from $150,000 to $250,

How much does it cost for 5 doctor visits and shots for a baby for someone with no insurance?

Free and Low-cost Immunizations   The cost for pediatrition/well-baby/immunization visits vary depending on how much different doctors offices charge for their visits, etc.

How much does it cost for a gynecologist visit?

It depends on what state you live in. Average office visit is 80$ and any tests will run 75-100$ or more. Depending on what you are getting tested for. The pap smears are

How much does a typical CT Scan cost for an uninsured patient?

uninsuredpatient.org has cost comparison for hospitals in san francisco area. Ranges from $804 to $3765 for a chest scan.CT scan costs vary depending on the body part(s) being

How much does a doctor visit cost?

The full cost of a regular visit to the doctor in the US typically ranges from $80-$200. However, this cost is usually paid by the patient's health insurance plan and the pati

How much does a visit to an infertility doctor cost?

  A visit to your infertilty doctor won't cost very much - $100 to $200 at most. Some doctors will even provide your initial consultation for free. Why? Because the cost o

Cost of a doctors visit in 1950?

I can't go back to 1950, but I vividly recall a visit to an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist with my mother - I was a young teenager - and the cost for the visit was $13.0

Dentist visit cost for uninsured patients?

The cost of a dental visit for uninsured patients will vary  depending on the location and dentist. On average, a dental visit  will cost around $150 to $200. Uninsured peop