How much does it cost to get internet on an itouch?

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An iPod touch only has Wi-Fi capabilities. So, the cost of getting internet on that device depends on your local internet provider's pricing. You can also find free Wi-Fi in many public locations such as coffee shops and malls.
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How much does internet cost?

It depends on your Plan and Service Provider, No one can fully answer your Question unless you give more detail.

Does the itouch have Internet?

The iTouch has the capability of going on the internet, only if you have Wi-Fi and high speed internet. It is using the Safari browser.

How much is the itouch?

These are the apps that com with it:\n. \n-Safari (Web Browser) - Mail - YouTube - iTunes - Calender - Weather - Maps - Stocks - Clock - Calculator - Contacts - Notes - App Store - Video - Music - Photos - Settings\n. \nYou also have the ability to add more apps from the App Store.

How much does internet cost on iphone?

Consumer Accounts (i.e.: accounts that the individual is financially liable for): Unlimited internet + 200 SMS = $20/month Unlimited internet + 1500 SMS = $30/month Unlimited internet + unlimited SMS = $40/month For corporate accounts, (i.e.: those account that the company is financially l (MORE)

Is internet free on the itouch?

The internet is totally free on the itouch! It doesn't cost anything wherever you are. But the only way you can get it is if you are near a router or have wi-fi.

How much does internet cost for ATT?

Starts at like $30 a month for the slowest dsl then goes up $5 for each level up, theres 4 levels. Plus you've got to buy the modem which is $75, usually a rebate though.

How much is itouch?

For an 8gb its $200 dollars for a 16 gb its $300 For a 32 gb its $400 dollars.

How much are iTouches?

they are $299.00 for 8 Gigabytes, $350.00 for 16 gigabytes, and $400.00 for 25 gigabytes

How much does the itouch costs?

I assume you mean the iPod Touch, the newest version costs: 8GB: £169 ($267) 32GB: £249 ($384) 64GB: £329 ($521)

How do you connect itouch to internet?

You have to be in an area where there is a Wi-fi connection. 1.) Go into settings. 2.) Wi-Fi 3.) Turn Wi-fi on, 4.) Choose the W-fi connection that is nearest yours.

How do you get Internet on the itouch?

you need to have a wifi signal nearby if it has a password ur gonna have to enter it in but for some reason, some internet isn't compatible with an itouch im pretty sure most normal providers work though

Can you browse the internet with an ipod itouch?

\nYes, the iPod touch comes pre-installed with Safari Apple's web browser and has been called by many sources the most standards based browser. Please note that you must have a wifi connection to the internet or you will only get a blank internet page. Flash is not yet supported but this has had ver (MORE)

Does itouch have Internet?

iTouches have Internet only if you are in a wi-fi network. A wi-fi network is an area where there is free wireless Internet publicly available. Some wi-fi networks are locked. This means that you have to know the password for certain wi-fi networks to get in the network. If you're not in a wi-fi net (MORE)

How much do itouch apps cost?

It depends how much they cost on the Apps Store. A lot of the apps are FREE... I hope this helped you very muchhh :) Oook well Bye :)

How much does the BlackBerry internet cost?

The Blackberry internet costs about $10-$30. It depends if you want unlimited or limited. i have a blackberry and it costs around $30. But you can have it connected to the wifi.

On Dsi how much does internet cost?

The DSi is not like a mobile telephone, the internet charge is not metered by minutes or bandwidth used. Just like a PC, the DSi connects to a router - the router is a paid service provided by an ISP, but the payment is a fixed amount. It doesn't matter how many wireless devices connect to that r (MORE)

How do you get Internet for your ITouch?

u have ur iPod and u have to have wifi wich is signal for ur iPod and u have to have a router which is the box for the internet and u got ot ur iPod u turn it on and go to SETTING on ur iPod touch and point on Wi-Fi and it should scan for a network n if it has a lock that means u gonna have to put a (MORE)

How much does an internet ad cost?

The cost of an Internet ad varies widely. Depending on the audienceto be reached, the size of the ad, and the complexity of thegraphics, the price can range from $50 to thousands of dollars.

How much does Internet Explorer cost?

The cost of Internet Explorer varies by what type of computer you have, what kind of source you want, and other factors. Look at what company you are using to provide your home with the Internet and that should tell you how much it costs.

How much does the internet cost on the PS3?

The internet costs whatever your provider charges and the only additional charges for the PS3 would be if you rented a wired or wireless router or other equipment to allow a connection

How much does it cost to use the internet?

It depends upon the services that you wish to use. Dial up service can be free, but is exceedingly slow. On top of this, it relies upon you having a phone line. Other internet services are faster, but vary greatly in cost. For example, I have cable internet which gives me 18 mbps download speed a (MORE)

How much is the internet cost?

Well A data center can cost around 90,000 to open! If you add up the hard working hours that people spend answering it at i say min wage witch is 7.25 then i am guessing WAY over 98,000,000,000 If your asking how much companys like time warner cost then i can not tell you since they price hike li (MORE)

How much are itouch?

8gb = $200 16 gb = $300 32 gb = $400 these prices doesn't include tax or the case for an iTouch if u have any other question leave me a message. i will reply asap .

How much does FaceTime cost for itouch?

It comes free with touch 4th generation. No no no no no! You have it wrong it does not cost to call but the download does! I made that mistake so I wouldn't recommend it that much

How much does it cos to get internet for a itouch?

Unfortunately, there is not 3G Internet for the iTouch (over cell towers). You can, however, connect to most wireless access points (which allow you to browse the internet, download apps, and other...FOR FREE) like the ones at libraries, McDonalds, and other places. To access WiFi, Tap on Settings>W (MORE)

How much doses an itouch cost?

Depends on which one you get. Every gig difference costs you more money. They have them at target, walmart, bestbuy etc. Even try pawnshops if you want.

How much does HSBC internet cost?

HSBC is an online banking company that handles your electronic banking needs. Registration is free on their website, and they also include various other services.

How much does hughes internet cost?

Hughes Internet has a few different fees. The main price is 60 dollars a month for the basic satellite internet service. You can get a faster speed for more.

How much does it cost for internet on a psp?

PSPs are not like phones, with their internet packages and data transfer plans. PSPs connect to your wireless router in the same way as a laptop or PC does. So the internet doesn't 'cost' anything when you do this, but you do of course need to actually have wireless internet in the first place, and (MORE)