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How much does it cost to run the nimitz class aircraft carrier?

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160 million per year just for the personnel.
add aircraft fuel and maintenance parts, and you're looking at closer to $400 million per year.
add the cost of the carrier ($4.5 billion) and divide it over its lifetime (about 40 years) and you're looking at about $530,000,000 per year which is close to $1,450,000 per day.

Carriers launch on average 18 times (with 18 recoveries) per day including time in port and time in shipyads.
That means each carrier launch costs $80,600.
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Why aren't the new Royal Navy aircraft carriers nuclear powered and if they cost as much as Nimitz class carriers why are they not equally as big?

God knows, i doesn't make any sense, the two new CLV future carriers of the royal navy individually cost more than a typical nimitz class supercarrier, and yet they have no n

How much does an aircraft carrier cost?

The Nimitz-class carriers cost was initially around $675 million; that figure has grown to between $4.5 and $6.2 billion to produce. This is due in large part to upgraded mult

How tall is a Nimitz class aircraft carrier?

In general from the top of the radar tower to the keel (spine of the ship) 24 stories or roughly 240 feet. ------------ The document "INTERIM TECHNICAL GUIDANCE (ITG) - FACILI

Fuel consumption Nimitz aircraft carrier?

A Nimitz class CVN uses approximately the weight of a paper clip worth of U235 per day at an average underway power. I cannot disclose the weight of U235 upon initial fuel loa
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The USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77), the tenth and last  Nimitz-class carrier to be built, displaces approximately 102,000  long tons (114,000 short tons).   Right, but th