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How much is Liability insurance for a renovation company?

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It depends on how much coverage you need, what kind of liability (General Liability? Employer's Liability? Auto Liability? Professional Liability?...) & what deductibles, if any, your claims experience, your work experience, who the insurance company is and the way their coverage forms read, their overall claims experience for companies like yours, and where you are located & operate. Your insurance agent can help you with specific quotes. Please note that in general, insurance is always based on these kinds of factors so it's hard to give a ballpark estimate for ANY kind of insurance.
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How much is liability insurance?

The cost of liability insurance can differ, and depend upon a  number of factors. It is more expensive for people who are younger  and have not had their license a long time

What is a loss control survey by liability insurance company?

  An insurance company sends an inspector to evaluate a risk. Depending on the coverage, the inspector will report on what the insured does and/or on-site conditions. The

How much does Employer Liability Insurance cost?

  Several factors contribute to the employers cost: type of business: Transportation, Service, Construction..? Is it un-incorporated, LLC, non-profit, etc.? Is it Regulate

How much does professional liability insurance cost for an RN?

  about $100 depending on the area of expertise and years practicing. The three main companies I found were... Health insurance NSO - http://www.nso.com/ CM & F =

How much will liability insurance cost for a clothing company?

  Business Liability insurance is not very costly, but new clothing companies should be aware of a few factors that impact cost. In general, liability insurance with limit

How much is 100000 in liability insurance?

I have to provide my apartment management with 100,000 liability insurance coverage. With Safeco it costs $18 per year. Liability coverage requires minimum personal property c

How much is contractor's liability insurance in Texas?

There is no simple answer to the question. Every contractor has his  or her own risks associated with the type and volume of work  performed. It could easily be anywhere fro

What companies offer public liability insurance?

Progressive, Gieco, Nationwide and State Farm offers public liability insurance. A public liability insurance broker may also help you in finding public liabitilty insurance.

How much is a fine in va for no liability insurance?

Fines are different from state to state and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. One thing that I can tell you is that in almost every case, the fine is more than the cost of th

How much does one million dollar liability insurance cost?

Depends on what business you have, what license you carry, gross receipts, payroll etc. There is no "typical rate" without have more information. You could work with a Broker