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How much is a flip video camera at walmart?

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$58.99 plus tax and i dont know what the fees are.

well, for a white one anyway..

hoped this helped =')
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What is a flip video camera?

a Flip Digital Video Camera is one of the best cameras of 2009-2010. You are able to record videos and shoot it straight to YouTube. :]

How do you charge a flip video camera?

The battery in a Flip video camera is recharged via the USB connection while it is plugged into the computer - and the computer is switched on.

Can you use a flip video camera as a camera?

The software that comes with the Flip video camera has a Snap button that allows you to capture a still image from the video file. The camera itself does not take still pictur

Why is a flip video camera called a flip?

Because they have USB plugs that "flip" out from the camera and allow you to connect it directly to a PC. Also, the first flip camera was produced by Pure Digital Technologies