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How much is a prescription of suboxone without insurance for 60 tablets?

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It depends on the dose that you are taking.
Typically, a prescription for 30 8/2 MG tablets is $195.00! If you do the math that is $390.00 for 60.
If you are taking 2/.5 MG...the cost is $140.00 for 30 tablets and $280.00 for 60...
This stuff works miracles! I detoxed using it and it was absolutley a wonder drug.
Good luck!
Edit from DDDNNNAAA* Without insurance it should cost you roughly 6 to 8 dollars per 8mg pill of suboxone. With insurance you will pay anywhere from 30 to 60 dollars because there is no generic alternative to this drug.
If you want to know how much this drug costs then you should ask yourself a better question and that question is how much does your freedom and life cost? Alot of people say that suboxone is over priced and where i am from it can range from 6 to 7 dollars a pill. But if you are taking more than 1 pill a day then you are messing up anyway. I think that people also think of this drug too much as a miracle drug and they don't realise that this drug is something that is just as addictive as any drug that you can take out there.
You should think about these things before getting on it. If you are getting on this medicine make sure that you are really ready to get off of drugs before you go on it. This drug can and will take over where the other drugs leave off if you are in the wrong mind set to use it. You will find out very fast that it will give you your life back. Then about a year down the road it will take it right back away. So don't do it wrong make the best of the chance you get. Take your dosage and cut down slowly and make sure that you get off of it. Now that being said i wish you the best in luck.
The area where i am from the doctors here are corrupt. They charge you 100 dollars for a doctors office visit. They make you come to the office 1 time a week which basically means you pay 400 to 500 dollars a month. This will basically translate to you paying 10 to 11 dollars a pill for your medication. So it is really expensive. Get off of it as soon as you can and i wish you the best of luck in your recovery.
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