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How much money does the US government spend on African Americans annually?

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almost 3 mil.
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How much money do Americans spend annually on food?

it depends on your income, many Americans use food stamps while others use credit cards or straight cash. of course if your a doctor or real estate agent buying food is nothin

How much do Americans spend on pets annually?

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How much money did the US government spend in 2008?

  Budget Totals = 2.98 Trillion dollars.   Information can be found on page 114 of "A New Era of Responsibility"   This is likely not all they spent, but it's the cl

How much do Americans spend annually for health care?

$2 trillion annually, the most out of any country in the world. Reference: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development http://www.oecdwash.org/PDFILES/Pearson_Te

How much do Americans spend annually on snacks?

Americans tend to spend about 12% of their yearly income on average on snacks. The idea of what a snack is depends on the person.

What do American adults spend the most money on annually?

American adults spend most of their budget (about 34% according to the U.S. Dept of Labor) on housing. This includes mortgage or rent, utilities, household goods and furnishin