How much money does the US government spend on African Americans annually?

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almost 3 mil.
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How much money did the government spend on health care in 2006?

In 2006, US health care spending was $7,026. This expenditure wasan increase of 6.7 percent from the prior year for a price tag of$2.1 trillion dollars.

How much money do Americans spend on dogs?

In America a Dog could be any price from $250.00 to $2,000.00... but sometimes people post ADs in the newpaper and give them away for no cost

How much money do Americans spend?

So this is a really rough estimate, but the average amount of money spent by an American household (according to Forbes magazine) is $43,395. The census bureau for 2000 said we have 105,480,101 household in the US. That would equal $4,577,308,982,895 (4.6 trillion) dollars a year total. This number would probably never hold up to scholarly research, but at least it's a rough number.. Below are the revelant links. On the Forbes pages, click the link that asks you "click here to see how Americans spend their money".

How much money do Americans spend on movies?

How much money do Americans spend on Movies? well over $10 billion in 2009 ... but how many attend movies?..... an ever declining population in the wake of record ticket prices

How much money does the average American spend per day?

I'd reckon an average American would spend around $100.00 a day. There are 2.8 billion people that live on less than $2 a day. Maybethe "average American" that spends $100 a day needs to stop beingso selfish. A sweatshop worker only gets 6 dollars a day, and the averagesweatshop worker has about 5 people in that family, or more, sojust think about that for a sec.... why don't we stand up for theirrights, so they can get some proper food and clothing for once intheir lifetime! The average American can get all they want. I comefrom a very poor family, and imagine what it feels like never tohave any normal life, just envying the people around you who throwand rip up dollars just for fun in school. Imagine. Americans needto cut down on being selfish, thank you for pointing that out,whoever wrote that top part. To the person who wrote this. How are we being selfish if everything in this country costs a lotmore? ADDENDUM: this is probably way inaccurate. For the average Americanto spend $100 a day, the average family of four would have to make$146,000 per year. That is not the average salary. The meanhousehold income is more like $46,000 per year... divide that by3.14 (about the average family size), divide that by 365 days in ayear, and the average spending per day would be closer to $40 perday. ANOTHER VIEW: Here is something to think about... the question is 'How much moneydoes the AVERAGE American spend per day.' The key word here isAVERAGE, also, they are speaking in the singular, 1 person, not theaverage family. So, here is my take on it.... the AVERAGE American makes a littlemore than $46,000 per year. Which translates to about $884 a weekGross income. Which works out to about a $675 Net income per week.Now that works out to about $96 per day. So, we have to assume thatthe AVERAGE American spends less than $96 per day. Obviously, theother person saying $168 per day is way too high. It would be very time consuming to really get an exact answer. Youknow the AVERAGE American can spend up to $96 per day. But youwould also have to consider in how much debt the Average Americanaccumulates per year. You would also have to figure in how much theAverage American puts in a Savings account each year. You wouldalso have to consider how much they invest each year. You wouldalso have to figure in the average number of people in an averagehousehold, this could dramatically cut down the cost of the Averageperson. If the Average household is 3 people, then the mortgage,utilities, would be split between 3 people, which would decreasethe Average amount of money spent per day. If it helps, I tallied up all my monthly bills (rent, utilities,food, gas, spending money, etc.), and averaged it out per day. Icame up with about $64.00 per day I spend to live. Now, if I livedwith someone else and we split the rent and utilities, it would godown to about $47 per day. I would definitely put my lifestyle inthe Average American category.

How much money do Americans spend on chiropractic?

The amount of money that an American would spend on a particularchiropractic appointment completely depends on the chiropractorthat they go to. However, when looking at chiropractics and otherforms of alternative medicine, Americans spent $33.9 billionout-of-pocket on complementary and alternative medicine over thepast year.

How much money do Americans spend annually on food?

it depends on your income, many Americans use food stamps while others use credit cards or straight cash. of course if your a doctor or real estate agent buying food is nothing and you problely buy healthy foods. if you work at macdonals or somewhere the chances are your not make much money, exspecailly if you have children as well. So u get food stamps which gives you a minmium amout of money for food.

How much money did the United States government spend in 2007?

The United states government spent 2.8 trillion dollars in 2007.The largest expenditures were Social Security, Defense, Medicare,and unemployment and welfare.

How much money does the average American spend on soda?

The average American family spends about $850 a year on soda. Thismakes the nationally yearly sales of soda around $65 billion.

How much money did American teenagers spend in 2007?

America Teenagers in the year of 2007 spent very much since pervious of years. Many kids spend their money on useless things, things that they don't need. American Teenagers Spent about 1.5 million dollars in the year 2007.

How much money does the government spend a day?

Well Warren Buffet said this year in his yearly letter to his stock holders that when he bought a company and sold it for a 4.8 billion dollar profit. He was taxed 1.2 billion dollars of which he stated had paid for every thing that the government needs to pay for social security, defense every thing for well about 4 hours. that means the government is spending 300 million dollars an hour a relative 7.2 billion dollars a day. That's a hell of a lot of money. Specifically for 2011, the projected spending is $10.46 Billion per day. This is based on the projection of Federal Spending of $3.818 Trillion for the year. See the link below.

How much money does the government spend on nuclear energy?

I'm no expert on this, but some ideas: Defense - the Government pays for all warships, some of which have nuclear reactors, including submarines. The Government supports the NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission so I guess they pay their costs. The Government is also concerned with dealing with nuclear waste, and cleanup of old facilities like Hanford. What this amounts to in dollars I'm afraid I have no figures for.

How much do Americans spend on beer annually?

Approximately $97 billion (up 1.4%) . Selling 211,489,982 barrels of beer where one barrel = 31 U.S. gallons = 13.78 cases = four six-packs of 12-ounce bottles. See the nearby link.

How much money do Americans spend on acupuncture?

Acupuncture can range from $75 to $250, it all depends on where you go to receive treatment

How much does the US government spend on the arts?

43 cents Per American in the United States, this comes out of taxes. Note that this is just how much support the US government puts into the arts, not how much the art industry profits every year.

How much do American spend on coffee annually?

According to research by the National Coffee Association, 56percent of adults living in the United States drank coffee everyday in 2006, about 112 million people. This percentage rose from 53percent in 2005 and 49 percent in 2004. Another 25 percent havesome occasionally. This amounts to nearly $18 billion spent oncoffee by Americans yearly. Regular coffee drinkers in the United States have about three cupsdaily---that's about 336 million cups of coffee. Nearly 60 percentis consumed during breakfast.

How much money do Americans spend on groceries?

Americans spend over $478 Billion per year on groceries. The average American spends over $100 per week on grocery store items. - ZOMG - ... US population = 311,597,917 (2011) $478,000,000,000 / 311,597,917 people / 365 days * 7 days per week = $29.42 per person per week $100 - $29.42 = $78.50 per week on grocery store items other than groceries?

How much money did the US government spend on war in one year?

well they've been spending $12 billion a month if not more... so about $144 billion a year..

How much money does the US government spend a day?

3 billion dollars a day. 3 billion was true back in the year 1963. Specifically for 2011, the projected spending is $10.46 Billion per day. This is based on the projection of Federal Spending of $3.818 Trillion for the year. Ref:

How much money does the average American spend daily?

In my honest opinion, it depends on their money. If they are rich, well don't you think they would blow thousands a day? And folks who are poor, they are limited. It doesnt matter what people spend, that's their money problem.

How much money do Americans spend on Halloween candy?

According to Nielsen Research, approximately $1.9 billion (or 598 million pounds) of candy is sold during the Halloween season.

What does the US government spend the most money on per year?

The US Government spends the most money on stuff for war about 2 million a day.

What does US government spends most money per year on what?

they spend the most money on usles crap like talking mooses and fat free cheetos and Dalton thompsons

In 2000how much money did Americans spend on valentines day?

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How much money did the government spend on NASA in 2008?

The U.S. government spent 17.2 billion dollars in 2008 according to this website ===>

How much money does the US government spend annually on space exploration?

NASA spend arouns 18.7 billion dollars a year but aout 5-7 billion dollars goes towards space exploration. the rest goes towards health care, operation, cross agencys and other reasons.

How much do Americans spend on pets annually?

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How much money did the US government spend in 2008?

Budget Totals = 2.98 Trillion dollars.. Information can be found on page 114 of "A New Era of Responsibility". This is likely not all they spent, but it's the closest thing to an answer I could find.

How much does the government spend on health care and Where does the money go?

Not enough and not in the right places! or a more realistic answer: We spend incredible amounts on social programs. These programs make up over half of all federal spending. More then the and debt together. In this era of entitlements people are starting to believe they are owed "free" health care. By free they are saying that others should pay for their care because they understand the cost is high and they don't wish to alter their life for that payment. A very narcissistic viewpoint in many's opinion. Let's look at where that money (which some claim is not enough) goes and how much it is. Keeping it simple the cost of keeping seniors well in 2007 cost the United States $27,289.00 per person or roughly $953.2 BILLION! (That is 34.9% of the TOTAL federal budget). This is the sad state of our current public option which almost 44% of America is already on this public option. If we add the remaining 56% were to be added onto the public sector insurance what would the portion rise to in terms of total budget? When you ad these costs into the ever rising number of people being driven out of the private health care insurance through their poor money management and the spiraling costs for insurance because of trial lawyers becoming millionaires at the health industries expense. You can clearly see why the government has no business here. It views this system as a endless cash cow. Much of our Senate and Congress are licensed lawyers. They are the problem. Putting them in charge of the issue is wildly foolish. Fortunately for them, most lawyers are great at class envy and have twisted the issue into a false us against them campaign. The idea that we should take 1/6th of the American economy away from the private sector violates so many of the rules and freedoms that made us Americans it is sad. When Russia's Pravda magazine is laughing at us and how the Capitalist society killed itself over class envy it makes me feel bad. The children, whose future we have stolen, will look back at those of us that voted for the theft of America and not have many good things to say.

How much do Americans spend annually for health care?

$2 trillion annually, the most out of any country in the world. Reference: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

How much money does the federal government spend every hour?

2010 Federal Budget had the gov't spending $3.552 trillion dollars. There are 8765 hours in a year: $3.552 trillion / 8,765 hours = $405,210,571 per hour

How much do American corporations spend annually on education and training?

Previous Answer: Well around 1 and a half to 2 billion dollars. ASTD Estimate: $125.88 Billion spent on training and development according to ASTD estimates from 2010 report.

Do African governments spend too much money on defense?

Yes. If governments didnt spend all their money funding wars, there would be no poverty, and Africa would be as wealthy as any other continent.

How much money did the us spend in ww2?

It is estimated that the US spent $341 billion dollars during WW2.This total includes the $50 million spent on lend-lease supplies.

How much money do American spend on fast food?

According to an IBIS report (2004): people in the United States spend $148.6 Billion (US Dollars); out of $229.2 billion spent world wide on Fast Food.

How much money does the government spend on one person in prison?

govt has to spend on an avg money of the budget for each person. but in reality they are spending very little for very highest category of people i,e For agriculture. for the low percent of people are getting very high.

Do south africans use american money?

South African money is called the Rand (code ZAR). South Africans do not use the USA dollar (code USD)

How much money does the South African govermentt spend on aids?

you need to be more specific if you want an answer like what do you mean anyway the disease or supporting people if its the disease say HIV/AIDS n well you know what i mean...

How much money did the government spend on the 2010 Olympics?

Who knows it probabley came out of lady gaga or michal Jackson's paycheck. OK, NO. A. Both those mucsions are not Canadian B. one of them is dead C. Whoever said that is a jerk and is wrong D. it cost around 1 billion dollars

How much do Americans spend annually on snacks?

Americans tend to spend about 12% of their yearly income on average on snacks. The idea of what a snack is depends on the person.

How much money do Americans spend on candy each year?

Americans spend about $8.8 million dollars each year on candy. They are the leaders in the candy consuming world. Followed by Switzerland, Great Brittan, and Belgium.

How much money does Americans spend on supplements and vitamins annually?

I believe Americans spend around $23 Billion dollars a year in dietary supplements. Google it.

How much money does African Americans spend a year?

well seeing they are AMERICANS how much AMERICANS spend! why r u so racist is my next question sorry no offense i just dont feel tht people need to be racist

What do American adults spend the most money on annually?

American adults spend most of their budget (about 34% according to the U.S. Dept of Labor) on housing . This includes mortgage or rent, utilities, household goods and furnishings. See the related link for a breakdown of the American budget. The answer to the Million Dollar Money Drop show (from the options of gambling, movie tickets and video games) was gambling .

How much money does the government spend on border patrol a year?

$600 million dollars was just approved by the House to add 1,500 new border personnel

How much money do Americans spend on their dogs annually?

According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek (2007), Americans spend $45 million on the pets annually. An estimate quoted by Global Animal (2010) is that this amount is expected to increase to over $52 million over the next couple years. Since cats outnumber dogs (81 million cats and 72 million dogs :McWhinney -2010) as pets in the US, The Institute for Canine Studies (2010) gives a more precise number of $1425/dog/year.

How much money do the government spend on a park?

Thats a tough question to answer, parks can vary from a swing on a bit of grass to huge national parks and reserves and hence the amount of money the government spends on [i]a[/i] park could be anything...

How much does the us government spend annually subsidizing the USPS?

Nothing, it is not legal to spend tax dollars on USPS. In reality, it is supported completely by its own sales. It has also become largely detached from government for the past 30 years when the post as Postmaster general was disolved from the presidential cabinet. Economically, it opperates as a private business.

How much money do Americans spend on entertainment each year?

I'm not sure the exact amount, but if your talking about all Americans combined, then billions. No kidding. people spend about 6.2 million on entertainment in Las Vegas.

How much money does the average American spend on Starbucks annually?

The average American does not spend money at Starbucks. The average cusomer of Starbucks (which is more like only 1/16th of the American cities population) who can AFFORD to purchase overpriced coffee from that enterprise usually buys about 3-5 Starbucks a week. So if you average $5 each time you are spending $15 to $25 a week on specialty coffee. Many Starbucks customers have stopped buying from Starbucks because of the high cost and they can now get specialty coffee from other venues such as McDonalds, Dutch Brothers and other enterprises for half to one fourth the cost of Starbucks prices. Some rural people, believe it or not, have never even seen or tasted a Starbucks fancy coffee, but some have when they have visited the ciities to stock up on supplies.