How much money does the average American spend on Starbucks annually?

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The average American does not spend money at Starbucks. The average cusomer of Starbucks (which is more like only 1/16th of the American cities population) who can AFFORD to purchase overpriced coffee from that enterprise usually buys about 3-5 Starbucks a week. So if you average $5 each time you are spending $15 to $25 a week on specialty coffee. Many Starbucks customers have stopped buying from Starbucks because of the high cost and they can now get specialty coffee from other venues such as McDonalds, Dutch Brothers and other enterprises for half to one fourth the cost of Starbucks prices. Some rural people, believe it or not, have never even seen or tasted a Starbucks fancy coffee, but some have when they have visited the ciities to stock up on supplies.
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