How much should it cost to replace the roof on a split-level house in New Jersey?

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Roofs are measured in large squares ... every one large square equals 100 sqft. I would typically charge $450 per large square to replace a roof.
There is a wide array of costs concerning roof replacement, regardless of the area. The material used, size in square footage, labor costs, and so on. Sometimes a second layer of shingles can be added, but use caution since you may just be covering up an underlying issue with the roof structure or mold and algae. In many cases, when the shingles are replaced, new plywood, tar-paper and flashings may also need replacement. If the roof is being completely redone, you may be able to add insulation in the roofing materials at that time. Due to these factors, obtain estimates from professional, licensed roofers who physically inspect the property.

You can save a lot of money by doing it yourself which is not all that hard!

To measure the roof.(if you can't get on the roof, measure from the ground like most roofers do.) measure length of building, then count how many shingles there are going up the roof. The exposed tab is approx. 6", now multiply by amt. of shingles and divide by 12 to give you the footage up the roof. Multiply length by height, every 100 sq. ft. equals a square. Ex. 30x15=450sq.ft. or 4 1/2 squares. measure back and front,and add 15 % for waste.

Next, you will need to decide is what roof materials you will use. If you don't know, you should learn about the different roofing materials available and make sure that they are code where you live.

Regardless of how many layers you have you should rip-off the old shingles and replace the underlayment materials with the new ones as needed. Go to a roofing supply and price out the shingle you want and the ice and water shield (prevents water leaks). You also should install a ridge vent.

The price will vary depending on size, material, location, warranty, etc. I just did my roof and it cost $5500. I had estimates from $5500 to over $10,000. When you call a roofer, ask if he does subcontractor work. You should pay approximately $125 to $150 per square with you buying the material.

There are websites to find contractors. You put in your project and several contractors will contact you. You then get to see their ratings. This may lead to calls from those companies, since the sites provide them with leads. Usually, 3 to 4 bids will do; additional ones are likely to be within 5% of each other and you won't have wasted a lot of people's time. Angie's List is also a good place to check for recommendations.

Finally, feel free to negotiate. Tell them you cannot afford their price, and can they cut $XXXX.xx. Or ask for their best price. Make sure the cost includes protecting your landscaping around the home and any cleaning up of materials.
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