How much sugar is added to smokeless chewing tobacco?

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There is as much sugar in one pinch of chew as there is in two cans of soda
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How much sugar is in chewing tobacco?

I have no clue to tell you the truth try a different site because this is what happens when you use sites like this that anyone can answer it

Does smokeless tobacco have sugar in it?

Some does, some doesn't. The US Smokeless Tobacco company posts ingredients for their products, for example Skoal Long Cut Straight apparently has no sugar added, they pos

Does tobacco have sugar added?

Some cigarette manufacturers use a couple of additives to enhance flavor or burning qualities. One of those additives is sugar.

Does chewing smokeless tobacco affect the eyes?

My optometrist tells me it does affect the eyes. He said that my eyes weren't getting as much oxygen due to using tobacco, and that it was just beginning to affect my vision i