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How much will a 20 by 40 size swimming pool and a 10 diameter spa cost?

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I`m a pool salesman in Los Angeles area. Without seeing property, assuming flat lot etc, easy access etc, no complications: I will say $55,000, for a completely equiped pool with 600 s.f. deck included. You can add any and everything to that in options
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How much does a swimming pool cost to run?

I've had my in-ground pool for 21 years. It's a typical smallish home pool, about 10,000 gallons and 25 feet on the long dimension. We're in Florida so it's warm most of the

How many laps makes a mile when swimming in a 20 foot by 40 foot pool?

Swimming the 40 foot lengths, it would be 5280/40 or 132. Swimming the 20 foot lengths would be twice that.   if you make "circles" around the pool one lap equals 40+20+40+

How much water is in 20' x 40' in ground pool?

The short answer is approximately 30,000 U.S. gallons is the capacity of a 20' x 40' pool. Determine your pool volume by with these easy to use formulas: Rectangular Pools

How much does it cost to replaster a swimming pool?

I just got a quote from my pool guy. I live in Northern New Jersey and have a built-in 1972 Anthony Pool. It is 16x36 and has 450 SF of water surface area. My tiles and copi

How much do swimming pool slides cost?

Pool slides range in cost from $300 to $1500. There are also someextravagant out of the world ones, but they cost thousands more.You will also need to factor in an additional

How many cubic feet in a 20' x 40' x 8' swimming pool?

Depends upon the depth in the shallow end if it is 4 feet deep you add 4ft and 8ft you come up with 12 divide that by 2 you get 6 which is the average dept of the pool multipl
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How much woulda swimming pool cost?

Costs of having an underground swimming pool built vary greatly. Where I live, in Arizona, most reputable pool builders start with a basic package of around $15,000-20,000. Th
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How much does it cost to install a pool and spa?

The cost to install a pool and spa will depend on a number of different factors such as size, type, and location. An above ground pool will cost $2500 to $4500 with an insta