How much would a 3000 square foot building cost?

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Costs vary widely, depending on the level of quality, finish, location, etc. Costs could range from e.g. $90/sq ft at the low end, to $500/sq ft (or more) at the high end. Taking a median price of $150/sq ft, a 3000 square foot house might cost about $450,000 to build from scratch. If you're asking about commercial buildings, different rates will apply.
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What is the average cost per square foot to renovate a building?

Answer . Impossible to answer. What kind of building in what condition? What type or amount of remodeling is wanted or required. Location of building. What if anything needs to be done to bring up to code. Plumbing, wiring, access, roof, and a hundred other things that are all variables.

Hw much does it cost per square foot to build a home in Florida?

One thing that all Florida homes have in common is their durability to strong weather conditions and high humidity. I estimated a cost to build a 2,324 sq ft Mediterranean style with real stucco siding in Broward County Florida to be $300,504 including a General Contractor markup of $35,334, but (MORE)

How much would it cost to rent out a building that is 4000 square feet?

This is an easy one.... All you have to do is search the Multiple Listing Service or any commercial real estate database for recent sales/leases ... look at the average sold/leased square foot price. Then add them up and get an average for what the price is per sqft.. then just multiply that by 4000 (MORE)

What is the square foot cost to build a garage?

Depending on the type,style, single garage door or double and getting what you want are many of the variables involved. The area you live in also affects sq. ft. cost. As a contractor in North Florida I can say you should expect to pay a min. of $40 per sq.ft. using a contractor(licensed) and you co (MORE)

What is the average cost per square foot for building a church?

Tough question, as prices vary greatly from market to market. NYC could be over $400 / ft. but in the south it could be as low as $100 / ft. I would suggest looking at the homes surrounding the proposed church (new construction only). Add about %20 to that number and you should be very close. Michau (MORE)

What is the building cost per square foot in UK?

Building cost (excluding land) varies from about £80 to £140 depending on the design, location, quality and and technical difficulty. For a high specification house, it could be as high as £180-200 or more.

How much would a 700 square foot roof cost?

How much a 700 square foot roof cost will depend on if you aredoing it yourself, or having it done by a professional. It alsovaries greatly depending on the materials being used. You shouldexpect to pay anywhere from 300.00 to 1,000.00.

How much cubic foot is in 3000 square feet?

The question you are asking cannot be answered with the supplied information. (And It reminds me of the riddle "which is heavier, a ton of bricks, or a ton of feathers?") Cubic feet is a measure of area, while square feet is a measure of volume. Area is calculated (in the case of a rectangl (MORE)

How much does it cost to to build a 1500 square foot home in Iowa?

I am building in Ely, IA near Cedar Rapids and it will cost meroughly $95 to $110 a square foot to build it. That includes meframing it and doing floors, tile shower, and cabinets. I will havewood floors and granite countertops so you can do it for less ifyou want. This is a three stall garage home (MORE)

How much would it cost to replace a roof on a 1600 square foot home?

It is almost impossible to answer, depending on pitch, dormers, valleys. Get an estimate from homedepot, then you should be able to get a real good roofer that will do it for almost 1/2 the price they quoted you. I had a customer call them and was quoted 18,000.00 I did it for 10,000.00 with 30yr (MORE)

How much does it cost a square foot to build a metal building?

In order to start to estimate the time and material for a steel building erection , first you will need to estimate the man hours required to determine the man-hours per square foot of building. Erectors often can do a box 2400' building in as little as 4 days or .04 (men/hrs.) per sq.ft.) Based (MORE)

Average cost to wire a 3000 square foot house?

Just got our's quoted. We have a 3200 square foot home + 1000 square foot basement. The quote we recieved (and are going with) is 20,000.00 This also includes the potlights (they are all over the house) Hope this helps

How much does a square foot of concrete cost?

There is no way to calculate cost for a square foot of concrete (?" w x ?" l). In order to calculate cost you need to first calculate volume which requires a third dimension of height (?" w x ?" l x ?" h). Concrete is usually sold by the cubic yard (36" wide x 36" long x 36" high). Another factor in (MORE)

Approximately what does it cost per square foot to build a house?

It depends on where you live and the build grade of the home. An insurance company uses a formulae that includes the cost of materials, The costs of labor, The quality and grade of build to come up with an average cost of build for any given territory. This is because Materials Contractor labor a (MORE)

How much is the cost for square foot of concrete?

There are too many variables to give you a definitive answer but you need to take the following into account.. 1) Your concrete has depth so it will be measured by the cubic foot (but more usually by the cubic meter).. 2) Depending on what it is being used for the ratio of cement : sand : stones w (MORE)

What is the cost per square foot for building in Jamaica?

InJune 2015, after careful review, the price to construct a newbuilding in Jamaica varies from JAD$ 15,544.00 to JAD$58,000.00 (approx.US$ 134.00 to $500.00 per sq ft) and canexceed JAD$ 62,150.00 (approx. US$ 550.00 per sq. ft.) To builda timber structure (using Raft Foundation) in Jamaica (MORE)

What is Average cost per square foot to build a deck?

Of coarse it depends on your location. Here in North Eastern PA The average is $16-$20 per square foot, depending on the county, township, or city you are in. It costs roughly $11-$13 for the materials and contractors average about $5-$8 per square foot for labor, not including steps. For example, m (MORE)

How much does a pole barn cost to build per square foot?

Most pole barns are between $15-25 per square foot for a finished building. Many factors will influence the costs such as doors, Windows, Overhang and Siding choices. Pole barns are relatively cheaper than traditional stick built buildings because you are able to remove the cost of the concrete. Lo (MORE)

How much would it cost to gut a 972 square foot house?

you will need to know if you will be using a dumpster bin for the gut materials-- this will require you to purchase a permit. How much will the permit cost you? You'll need to know --How long will you need the bin for How many people will you need to gut the home in what amount of time to meet dea (MORE)

How much would a 1000 square foot house cost in Switzerland?

They don't use square feet in Switzerland, they use square metres. 100 square feet is approx 100m 2 . A 100m 2 flat cost about 1500 to 2000 Franks per month to rent, more in the big citioes and less in a small town. 100m 2 is small for a house, that would be just 50m 2 per floor. Houses start (MORE)

How much would the labor cost to paint a 800 square foot apartment?

If you supply the paint you should be able to get a good painter in there for approx. .60 cents to a dollar a sf. I'm painting rentals at present in one sheen, one color for $400.00 labor only. Best thing for you to do is have 2 or 3 painters take a look at your painting project and give you bids. A (MORE)

How much does a house cost to build per square foot in Ireland?

There is no simple answer to that. It would depend on many factors,like the type of materials being used, who is building it, thescale of the house and materials needed and many other factors. There is no simple answer to that. It would depend on many factors,like the type of materials being used, (MORE)

How much would granite countertops cost per square foot?

Depending on where you buy the counter top depends on the price. Many retailers offer granite counter tops at different prices. For instance Home Depot charges between $50 and $70 a square foot while a company that just deals with granite will charge you between $120 and $150.

How much does it cost per square foot to build a house?

If you are buying a track home you can usually get into it for $100-125 per square foot. If you own the land and are hiring a builder to build a custom home, you will be closer to $150-200 or more. Track home builders buy materials in large quantities to keep prices lower. An average kitchen is goin (MORE)

How much does carpeting cost by square foot?

The answer depends on where you are buying it and on its quality. The answer depends on where you are buying it and on its quality. The answer depends on where you are buying it and on its quality. The answer depends on where you are buying it and on its quality.

How much does it cost to build a 5974 square foot house per square foot?

Sorry, but there are too many variables in your question to give a simple answer. It will vary based on what material you use to build the house, where you build it, one story, 2 story, split level, basement, what sort of heat and A/C, how many bathrooms, what sort of floors, etc. By the way, that (MORE)