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The average construction cost per square foot for a building addition in Ocean City, Maryland is about $130. This means an addition of 100 square feet would cost about $13,000 to build.

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The average pay of a construction worker was $15 a day. This was very high for the time.

I would like to know what the average square footage price for building a new home in Montgomery County Maryland cost.

The average construction cost per square foot of a Butler building is about $15 to $20. Much can be save by doing the work oneself.

Building costs in 2012 average about $350 per aquare foot but can easily exceed $500 for high end construction.

The average construction cost per sqft for building a house in sparks Nevada is 88 dollars per sq. ft. The homes are built in perfection.

The average construction cost per square foot for a brick building in Chicago, Illinois, is dependent upon several factors. Included are the location within Chicago, whether the construction is residential or commercial, the design of the building, and the quality and type of materials used.

The average new construction cost for building a house in St. Louis is around 120 dollars per square foot. Depending on the building materials used and the size of the house, this amount will vary.

The average construction cost per square foot for building a house in Chicago southwest suburbs is 2,520 square feet, which assumes a two-story structure. This places the construction at $117 per square foot.

about 79,000 or higher if you are good 100,000 just for building a home damn

The average price of a house in Kentucky is 149,000 dollars. Land and houses in Kentucky are cheaper than the national average.

The average annual temperature in Maryland is 55.1 degrees (F).

The average cost per square foot of new construction for a residence in Austin, TX is about $74. For a 2,500 square foot home, it would cost about $185,000.

The average temperature in Maryland in January is the low 20's.

The commercial construction cost per square foot in Arizona will average at about $101 per square foot. This means a 3,000 square foot building should cost about $300,000 to build.

It could range anywhere between 10 cents and 50 cents per $100 of value depending on the building construction, year built and location of the building.

It all depends on the type of addition, the material used, How far you live from the construction material source, How fast you need the work done, and the quality of the work. The only way to get such an answer is to get estimates from several contractors and get the average of the estimates.

The average hourly wage for a construction worker is $21.87.

The average salary of a construction owners representative is $112,000 annually. A construction manager has an average salary y of $94,000 per year.

The cost of construction per square foot is the same as the cost of an automobile per inch of length.

$175 - $250 /sf depending on level of finishing and quality of materials.

The average construction cost per square foot in central Virginia is about $125. This means a 200 square foot building would cost about $25,000 to build.

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