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How old is a cow killed to produce meat?

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Referencing the book The Omnivore's Dilemma: In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, cow's raised on CAFO's (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) are typically slaughtered between 14 and 16 months because they're fed a soy protein/corn mix diet that fattens them rapidly. Cow's raised on smaller farms can have a life of anywhere from 2-5 years.
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How do they kill cows in the meat facotry?

was told by a meat packager they electricute them and that stuns them enough to cut the throat and bleed them, chickens are also electricuted after they are strung up wet down

How are cows killed?

The best way and most common way of killing a bovine is to put a bullet or capbolt to its head. Imagine a line drawn from the ear down to the opposite eye, then again from the

What is the right age for a cow to produce good meat?

  Of course when you say "cow" you are talking about a female that has had at least 1 calf,with that in mind its not really the age of a "cow" that is important.With the e

What meat is from a cow?


Who kills cows?

Humans do. Folks who work in the slaughter house put them in a chute, put a cap bolt to the animal's head, then hoist it up by the back feet and bleed it out by the jugular. I

Can cows kill you?

Physically No. Bulls maybe, if you instigate them enough. Cows could only cause harm through dairy products if consumed beyond the healthy need for a person.

What is the place called that kills cows for meat?

The place that kills cattle can be/are called a slaughter house, slaughter plant, butchery, butcher house/shop, etc.

What meat comes from fourteen weeks to one year old cows?

This is the kind of beef that is called "baby beef" because it is from an animal that is older than that used for veal, but it is younger than an animal used for beef.

What happens if a cow eats cow meat?

There will be an increased risk of that cow coming down with BSE, especially if the meat is infected with BSE prions. Animal byproduct was fed in a ground-up powder form that

Is bull meat and cow meat the same?

Yes, it is still called Beef. However, mature bulls meat will have a stronger taste to it than cows meat will. This is due to the amount of testosterone hormones in the meat,

Why is the meat from cows are more costly to produce than carbohydrates in potatoes?

Cows are higher on the food chain, than potatoes. You can grow potatoes and then eat them, or you can grow vegetation of some kind (such as grass - but cows will also eat pota

What is to old for a cow to be cut for meat?

A cow is never too old to be slaughtered and processed for meat for human consumption. However, the older a cow gets, the tougher the meat becomes and the less desireable it i

What is meat from a old cow called?

Beef, just like any other meat from other bovines. However, if the beef is not good quality to be made into steaks, it will be made into ground beef for hamburger, meat balls,