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How thick is 7 gauge steel?

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3/16" or 0.1875"

*** 7 gauge steel sheet is .1793", not .1875" ***

Different metals have different thickness for their gauge...mild steel is .1793, aluminum is .1443, stainless steel is .1875
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How thick is 16 gauge steel?

.0625 inches or 1.59 mm

How thick is 22 gauge steel?

.0313 inches.794 mm

How thick is14 gauge steel?

.0781 inches1.98 mm

How thick is 5 gauge steel?

0.2092 inches thick.

How thick is 26 gauge steel?

.0188 inches OR .478 mm (USG)

How thick is 8 gauge steel?

.1719 inches or 4.37 mm

How thick is 3 gauge steel?

0.2391 inches thick.