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1. Google maps

You don't download google maps.
Just go to google web site and in the top right hand corner click on maps. Or click on google maps URL in related links.

2. Google earth

To get google earth click on related link below and follow the on-screen instructions.
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Is downloading Google Earth free and safe?

Google Earth is free for personal use as long as you don't want the "deluxe version" (which can be brought on the Google web site). Google Earth is absolutely safe, it is from

Can you get a virus if you download Google Earth?

Not if you download from the official site( earth.google.com ), but it might if you download itelsewhere. Downloading executable software such as Google Earthfrom non-official

Can you download Google Earth for the Xbox 360?

No, it's for PC and Mac only.

Do you have to download Google Earth to use it?

You need to download Google Earth installer then run the installer  to install. The basic program comes as a desktop application.    Google also provides Google Earth

Where can one download Google Maps to their GPS?

One can only download Google Maps if their GPS is an "Android" i.e. a GPS bought from Google. If you have one of these then you can download Google Maps straight from "Google

What is the best free Google Earth to download?

  There is only one free version of Google Earth, so that'd be the best one out there.     In total are only two versions of Google Earth: the free version, and the

Is Google Maps and Google Earth the same thing?

no Google map is the map of the whole earth, Google earth is the more high tech , it is when you can street view any were in the world, by typing in the address, when u do thi

Do you have to pay to download Google Earth?

Google Earth is a free download available from Google at the Google Earth site located in related links. Google Earth Pro is an enhanced version of the free product tailored

Does it cost money to download Google earth?

No, Google Earth is free. You have to pay $400 only if you want to download and use the advanced features of Google Earth PRO.

Which is better the Google Maps app or Google Earth app?

Google Earth and Google Maps are two mapping applications each with  their own strengths. Google Maps is a web application that runs in  a web browser, and Google Earth is a

Difference between Google map and Google earth?

Google maps is more of a web-based GPS, used if you want to know  where a place is, how to get somewhere or the address of a  building.    Google Earth on the other h

How can you go on Google Earth without downloading it?

You must either download/install the desktop version of Google Earth on your computer or visit a website using the Google Earth API and download the web browser plugin when pr