How to file for property tax refund?

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Contact your local property tax department and request a copy of the form that you will need to use to file for the property tax refund or you could try and see if this could be done online at the local property tax online website.
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If you file a 1099 tax form can you file rapid refund?

Rapid refund and such are done by private companies and are fancy names for very expensive loans. If your paid on a 1099, you were required to make estimated tax payments thro

Can you file bankruptcy on property taxes?

ALL your property (all your assets) AND all your liabilities are do not pick and chose. You cannot go BK on a speci Save fc debt. They are given d

How can you get your maximum refund if you already filed taxes?

file an additional information page to amend your tax refund and show the additional information and file it again, then just wait they will certainly contact you if you made

Do you have to file taxes even if you getting refund?

Yes. Do you think the IRS should just presume that everybody who doesn't file doesn't owe any taxes? 26USC6012 requires anyone having more than a certain amount of incom

Can tax levy's be filed against tax refunds by property owners who have a court issued order for tenants to reimburse back rental fees as well as court costs?

I think your confsing terms and such. If you have a judgment against someone you can probably garnish their income or attach assets. You will not be able to do anything to th

Will you get your tax refund if you file for bankruptcy?

Whether you are entitled to your tax refund will depend on what type of Chapter of bankruptcy you are filing and whether the bankruptcy exemptions can be used to protect the t

How long does it take for a trustee to refund your tax refund after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The tax refund goes into the bankruptcy estate. If your chapter 7 filing did not exempt the refund, the money will be used to pay the trustee and to pay your debts pro rata. T