How to strip vinyl flooring?

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at your local flooring store or hardware store they sell vinyl flooring stripper...if you mean stripping the finish to clean the floor.
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How do you get paint off vinyl floors?

Answer If it's water soluable, wipe if with a wet cloth, if not, try paint thinner. If the paint is dry...(which by now, I'm sure it is!!!), try using a utility knife blade CAREFULLY! MAMAMAY SAYS: for water based paint if it is already dry then paint thinner will only smudge it around. Boil a pot (MORE)

How do you remove vinyl flooring?

Answer . A heat gun and a scraper works well, but it takes a fair amount of time. The local hardware store may have chemicals to soften the tiles, and the local rental shop may have special tools to tear the floor up quickly. Cut into strips and remove the wear layer. If the backing is a paper prod (MORE)

How do you strip and seal vinyl floors?

waxing kentile . I have old (20 plus probably) Kentile flooring in my home that I would like to wax. They are very dull and only stay shiny for a short period of time when I wax them with just a generic floor wax such as Johnsons or Armstrong.. Does anyone know the proper procedure for cleaning, (MORE)

Why do you wax a vinyl floor?

Most of the vinyl floors that are sold currently are called "No WaxVinyl Floors" this means that the top coating is manufactured sothat when you use the floor cleaner suggested it will look as itdid when installed- the flooring industry..(like computers) areconstantly changing and becoming more user (MORE)

Can you polyurethane a vinyl floor?

No, you can't. It would peel off like sunburned skin, if it ever even set up. And why in the world would you want to do that anyway? Yes you can;

How to fit a vinyl floor in a bongo?

The Bongo is a particular brand of van well-known for its size anduse in rugged travelling. Flooring fitting is best doneprofessionally, though general expertise in carpeting techniquescan help.

How do you put vinyl on wood floor?

Glued down vinyl is put on an underlayment. Coming in sheets likeplywood, this is put down first to give a smooth and level surfaceto glue to. All seams between the boards need to be filled with acompound and sanded level. Make sure that all nails or screws arein solid and the heads don't protrude. (MORE)

How do you clean vinyl flooring?

contact the manufacturer is your best bet as every product is made differently, usually you can clean them with your usual floor cleaners but avoid anything really harsh. also if you do use soap and water make sure yu rinse it off after otherwise you will end up with a gross build up as the soap wil (MORE)

Can you steam mop a vinyl floor?

The Bissell steam mop can be used to clean a vinyl floor. In fact it can also be used on marble, ceramic, stone, laminate, linoleum and sealed hardwood floors.

How do you install vinyl flooring?

Now why do people add questions about things that are impossible to explain in text? I could as well ask: "What does Barack Obama look like?". Well anyways, i think you should go to a place that sells vinyl floors, and ask them.

How do you lay vinyl flooring on old vinyl flooring?

Industry standards allow for vinyl to be laid directly over existing vinyl as long as the existing is the only layer.. To do so the existing vinyl needs to be free of cracking or curling. Because vinyl is very plyable any defects in the floor will telegraph into the new sheet.. To prep the floor y (MORE)

What is the average price to strip and wax vinyl tile floor per square ft contractors price?

Depending on the contractor doing it anywhere from .08 - .50 per sqft. 8 cents is a quick and dirty strip and wax and at 50 cents I would expect to be able to read a newspaper from the reflection. Either way make sure that the contractor you choose is experienced and walk the floor between the end (MORE)

Is vinyl flooring waterproof?

Three basic types of "Vinyl" flooring . 1960's True Vinyl, which is paper with pattern & urethane coating . 1800s Linoleum which is cork dust & linseed oil, rare but not impossible to find (good green attributes!) . 1990's Fiberglass flooring. New generation & is quickly replacing the older stuff (MORE)

How do you get concrete ready for vinyl flooring?

A smooth surface is needed since vinyl reflects imperfections in a surface. Grinding to get rid of high spots and concrete slobbers and a leveling material should leave you with a smooth flat substrate to work with. The MOST important preparatory event is to seal the concrete. Be sure to choose a (MORE)

How do you cut vinyl floor tiles?

Generally you only need a utility knife. They also sell a vinyl tile cutter, but they can be expensive. Take the utility knife with a straight edge and using pressure cut the tile. Sometimes you will need to cut more than once.

Is there a non glue vinyl flooring?

If you mean the glue that hold the vinyl to the floor there is an alternative ask your local vinyl supplier about vinyl designed to be "loose layed".

When was asbestos vinyl flooring discontinued?

Most Vinyl Asbestos Tile (VAT) was out of the system by 1979 however in an effort to make sure the wholesale & retail pipeline was all clear & without creating a financial burden on the companies with inventory they were given until 1984 to clear inventory & certify that it was all gone. One other (MORE)

How do you fix vinyl flooring?

Obtain a tube of seam sealer from a flooring supply company. Thereafter, whenever you slice the floor, gently clean and dry the area. Use a small amount of the seam sealer to glue down the slice, or to fill in the gap. It will become invisible since no dirt can get into the spot. Don't walk over it (MORE)

How do I know if you have a linolium or vinyl floor?

Is it Vinyl or Linoleum? Go to an edge or a closet, cut a small sample out of the corner, look at the cross section. IF the pattern/color is printed only on the top, it's vinyl. if it looks like the surface layer goes about half the thickness of the piece, it's Linoleum...

What paint to use on vinyl floor?

The vinyl itself is the finish. I've never heard of anyone painting a vinyl floor. The paint just would not last and would look like garbage in no time at all. Easier to lay more vinyl or lino on top .

What do hair sprays do to your vinyl floor?

I think they discolor the vinyl floor, sometimes emitting a weird and foul odor so bad that it is time to replace your floor. This is to the best of my knowledge so really don't depend on this and think it is right. I only know this much.

When was vinyl flooring first used?

Vinyl was first invented in 1920 by scientists who wanted todevelop a material that would help to manufacture everyday productsthat were easier to make, more durable, and cheaper than what wasavailable. Today, Vinyl has become the second largest manufacturedand sold plastic resin in the entire world (MORE)

How do you identify asbestos vinyl flooring?

Sight is a good indicator, if it is curling around the edges orlooks like anything in the links take it to a professional to betested better safe then sorry. also if the backing of the vinyl is paper.

Is it expensive to by bathroom flooring vinyl?

Vinyl is one of the cheaper types of floor tile you can use. It is a little cheaper quality but looks just as good as ceramic tile. It is easy to clean and easy to install yourself.

Where can you buy cheap vinyl flooring?

Lowes and Home Depot have an excellent selection of vinyl flooring for a reasonable price. You could also check out discount stores like Big Lots for discontinued colors and patterns.

Who can you ask to install vinyl flooring?

Companies such as home improvement stores, such as Lowes will offer installation services. You could also ask a friend or neighbor who is knowledgeable to assist you.

Why do people get vinyl flooring installation?

As someone who had vinyl flooring in the past, this is my answer. When you have children, it is so much easier to clean up red Kool-Aid off of vinyl than carpet or hardwood or some other type of flooring.It is easier to clean, and cheaper than other options.

Is vinyl flooring installation expensive?

Vinyl flooring installation is not expensive compared to other flooring options. Vinyle flooring is far less expensive than hardwood flooring but may not last as long and will be of lesser quality, in all its a very good "bang for your buck".

How do you install vinyl sheet flooring?

Answer from Choices ( Generally, cushion vinyl is laid loosely so any imperfections in the floor don't show through over time. It can also be glued down, but the flooring needs to be completely level. Vinyl tiles or planks are glued down so the surface nee (MORE)

How many layers of vinyl can be on a floor?

If the original vinyl floor is still down solid you are supposed to be able to lay another vinyl floor on top. This requires some specific prep work but it can be done. It is a better idea to just remove the vinyl and start with a clean solid surface to apply the new floor. The more layers, the more (MORE)

Can vinyl cushion flooring be laid over glued down vinyl flooring?

Yes - but a qualified yes. If you are talking about the 12" square vinyl floor tiles that are still securely fastened then you can go right over them. If they old tiles are lifting or loose then the answer would be no. If only one or two tiles are loose then you can remove those ones - and with a pa (MORE)

How do you glue vinyl floorong over existing vinyl flooring?

Normally, installing new vinyl directly over old vinyl is not recommended because most manufacturers will not honor the warranty. Any bumps or dips in the surface can translate through your new vinyl. Dye or stains from the old vinyl can also seep into the new vinyl. But you can remedy this by appl (MORE)

When did vinyl floors go out of fashion?

Vinyl floors were very popular from time to time, especially in the 50s and 60s. After this time, it lost its charm for most people, but can still be seen in some households.

Which is better linoleum or vinyl floor?

For heavy traffic and regular cleaning linoleum holds up betterbecause it is thicker, but tends to peel up at edges. It is alsohard to intall-like carpet. The other is less durable but muchcheaper and an easy self install, but will require occasionalrepair. It is thinner and IMO looks better, but ge (MORE)

How can one strip varnish from a vinyl floor?

It depends on if the varnish is water based or oil based. Waterbased can be removed by gently rubbing with a nail brush and soap(it depends how long the varnish has been on the surface as thevarnish will harden ). It its oil based then the job is really verydifficult as the only way is to use very c (MORE)