How was Taipei 101 built?

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Taipei 101 was constructed through the use of stell supported columns with a core of 8 "mega"-0columns which are packed with concrete and connected with trusses to the external columns. The foundation is reinforced 80 meters into the ground and another 100 ft into the bedrock.

In the center hanging from the 88th to the 92 floor is a huge pendelum which serves as a sway damper, the largest tuned mass damper in the world. It was primarily constructed by KTRT Joint Venture.

The construction wasn't really going smoothly as expected and KTRT desperately needed help to avoid termination of contract by not finishing the project ontime. TFCC(Owner of Taipei101) handed over the entire construction authority to Samsung C&T in 2001 to expedite the process and to save KTRT Joint Venture's loss. The construction was finished in 2004.
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Why was the Taipei 101 built?

The word Taipei means Technolgy, Art, People, Identity and Enviornment.And 101 means Striving for perfection

Who desighned taipei 101?

Thornton Tomasetti engineering consulting firm provided the structural design the world's tallest building structures, including the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia