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How would you find out if your ex-wife's boyfriend hasn't been making his payments and whether or not his truck is on someone's repo list?

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You would go find something else to do and stay away from this subject. If you give folks enough rope they will hand themselves.  
Man......are you for real?
Jealousy gets you nowhere. As you stated....EX-WIFE!!!!! Get a clue and leave them alone. Revenge is NOT a good thing. Move on and get a life.
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Can a dealership file repo on you if you didn't make a down payment?

If the dealership holds the title (Buy Here, Pay Here) then yes. If the bank you financed it with already has the title and you have your tags, then no. The dealership can, ho

How long do you have to make your payment before company can Repo your car?

It depends on your contract. Usually if you miss two payments the finance company (not the company that sold you the car - they already have their money) will start taking a

How would you determine from a list of ordered pairs whether it is a function?

When the value of one variable is related to the value of a second variable, we have a relation. A relation is the correspondence between two sets. If x and y are two elements

If you stop making payments on your car and move will the repo man or finance company find you?

finding people who dont want to be found is the repomans job. MOST of them are VERY good at it too. good Luck on hiding the car. Remember, cars dont just fall off the face of

Can they repo a car when you moved to Canada and stop making payments and they find out where you live?

  Answer   If you move to Canada from the U.S. and do not make proper arrangments with the lending institution, you might be guilty of a crime. Most vehicle loan pape

What are your options if your ex-boyfriend took out a loan to help you buy a car and the loan is in his name but the title has both your names and he's threatening to repo but the payments are on time?

  He can't do anything as long as you are making the payments on time and if you are it is probably helping his credit unless it shows he has excessive obligations. He can

If you move from the US to Canada will you still have to make car payments Or once you cross the border would you have a free truck?

So, under this theory, I could buy something on credit in one place, take it to another place and not have to finish paying for it? I think this is the crime called "attemp

My boyfriend bought a new truck but kept his old truck and gave it his sister to keep up payments shes been late on the payment ever since to make matters worst her sons totaled the truck what can he?

  If your boyfriend is listed as the registered owner and the loan is in his name then it is his responsibility to deal with the payments, insurance ect. I would hope sinc

How could a person find repo tow trucks for sale?

Sales on tow trucks aren't very common, but a person could start by looking locally at any towing companies. If there any towing companies in the area, someone could call or v

What makes repo trucks different from other vehicles?

Repo trucks are essentially the same as a tow truck or flatbed tow truck. They are used to repossess vehicles for non-payment. They have a larger engine, reinforced frames a