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How would you find out if your ex-wife's boyfriend hasn't been making his payments and whether or not his truck is on someone's repo list?

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You would go find something else to do and stay away from this subject. If you give folks enough rope they will hand themselves.  
Man......are you for real?
Jealousy gets you nowhere. As you stated....EX-WIFE!!!!! Get a clue and leave them alone. Revenge is NOT a good thing. Move on and get a life.
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My ex hasn't been with anyone since me does he still love me?

You don't know for sure that he hasn't been with another girl even if he tells you that. Some guys play their ex girlfriends like a fine fiddle. This means they have no inten

I have been with my boyfriend for a year and he still hasn't said i love you to me is there something wrong?

    if everythin else has been good in your relationship then i would say hes probly just afriad to say it.     and im sorry for sounding negative but at the s

How late does a car payment have to be before they can repo it your paymen is a 1week and 2days let but you was told if they did not it your car payment today by 12n you would go to jail and report it?

Answer   it really depends on If you had a title loan or by here pay here by the week,byweekly,or monthly or If your car is financed with a financial institution.   

How long do you have to make your payment before company can Repo your car?

It depends on your contract. Usually if you miss two payments the finance company (not the company that sold you the car - they already have their money) will start taking a

How much do you get to repo a semi truck?

This is based on where the repo is done (what State and Country) What the contract between the towing operator, bailif and lender as well as the law in the Jurisdiction the re

How do you get your property when uhaul repos their truck?

Pay UHaul what you owe them including the storage costs associated  with the items left in t he truck.    Another View: U-Haul can file a lien against you  for the un

Can they repo a car when you moved to Canada and stop making payments and they find out where you live?

  Answer   If you move to Canada from the U.S. and do not make proper arrangments with the lending institution, you might be guilty of a crime. Most vehicle loan pape

How can you check whether your ex-boyfriend has a criminal record in the UK?

Due to the laws in the UK pertaining to ownership and management of  personal details, it is not possible to lawfully obtain an  individual's criminal record as a private in

How do you know whether your ex boyfriend still loves you?

  well even if he wont actually say it his body will - body language reveals alot about a person all you have to do is read his body language correctly so use a body langu

You want to repo your own vehicle from an ex-boyfriend?

  If the car is in your name, why "repo" it? There is a cost involved with hiring someone to get the car. Try the local sheriff's department. If your ex has a vehicle titl

How could a person find repo tow trucks for sale?

Sales on tow trucks aren't very common, but a person could start by looking locally at any towing companies. If there any towing companies in the area, someone could call or v