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How would you find out if your ex-wife's boyfriend hasn't been making his payments and whether or not his truck is on someone's repo list?

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You would go find something else to do and stay away from this subject. If you give folks enough rope they will hand themselves.  
Man......are you for real?
Jealousy gets you nowhere. As you stated....EX-WIFE!!!!! Get a clue and leave them alone. Revenge is NOT a good thing. Move on and get a life.
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If you stop making payments on your car and move will the repo man or finance company find you?

finding people who dont want to be found is the repomans job. MOST of them are VERY good at it too. good Luck on hiding the car. Remember, cars dont just fall off the face of

Can they repo a car when you moved to Canada and stop making payments and they find out where you live?

  Answer   If you move to Canada from the U.S. and do not make proper arrangments with the lending institution, you might be guilty of a crime. Most vehicle loan pape

Can the Lien holder repo a truck if there have been payments made by the driver within the last 96 days?

  Answer     When even one payment is missed the agreement is considered in default, and the lender has the legal right to take whatever action they deem necessa

How would you find out why someone's ignoring me?

A connection through mutual friends. Meaning Friends and family. If someone is ignoring you they may seem to Put off alot of things you plan. They don't text you call you as m

My boyfriend bought a new truck but kept his old truck and gave it his sister to keep up payments shes been late on the payment ever since to make matters worst her sons totaled the truck what can he?

  If your boyfriend is listed as the registered owner and the loan is in his name then it is his responsibility to deal with the payments, insurance ect. I would hope sinc

How long do you have to make your payment before company can Repo your car?

It depends on your contract. Usually if you miss two payments the finance company (not the company that sold you the car - they already have their money) will start taking a