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How would you fix the problem if a very strong granite and marble sealer was being used and some of it got onto the bathtub and removed the finish in certain areas?

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Fixing the Bathtub you can go to home depot and get enamel paint for the bath tub directions are on the can.
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Which weathers faster granite or marble?

Marble will weather more quickly. The mineral calcite, of which marble is composed is softer and less resistant to abrasion than granite. It is also more susceptible to chem

What is a granite sealer used for?

Granite sealers are typically used to seal granite counter tops, as well as counter tops made from other natural stones. Using a granite sealer will help to protect one's coun

Which is a stronger rock granite or strong marble?

  i think granite because it was formed under the earth in deep pressure and heat but marble has weaker bonds in its particles. marble was formed by limestone with not alo

Is marble stronger than granite?

no one of the only known substances harder than granite is diamond

What can be being done to fix the problems in the Arctic?

  Answer   Conserve energy use less gasses so that when the gasses go to surround the earth they wont be in thick layers and not let any heat out

How do you clean grout sealer off bathtub?

  finger nail polish remover or acetone should remove the sealant, but there is a chance they would damage the finish of the tub, depending on the material. If it is porce

What is the coldest out of granite marble and stone?

That depends on the ambient temperature, among other things. If you have two lumps of stone in the same place, one of granite and the other of marble, they will eventually be

How do you remove driveway sealer from concrete?

It depends on the type of sealer used. Penetrating sealers can't be  removed so we will stick with topical sealants. Some topicals like  acrylic sealers might be dissolved w

How do you fix a bathtub drain It drains very slow?

 First, if your drain has a stopper with a rod, try pulling it up and checking for hair or other debris wrapped around it. Remove any gunk you find. This is the cheapest wa

Is granite strong?

Yes, granite is strong, It is often used as a building stone. On the mohs scale of hardness, it has a hardness of 7.
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Is marble strong?

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Is granite cooler than marble?

No, granite is not considered to be cooler in temperature than  marble is. In fact, marble is approximately 7 degrees cooler than  granite is.
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Why use sealer?

To protect against contaminents being absorbed such as oil,  chemicals & dirt. Reduce algae-mildew growth (if water isn't  saturating the surface as long, then mold spores c