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How would you fix the problem if a very strong granite and marble sealer was being used and some of it got onto the bathtub and removed the finish in certain areas?

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Fixing the Bathtub you can go to home depot and get enamel paint for the bath tub directions are on the can.
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How to remove a sealer from brick?

If it won't come off with a pressure washer or paint stripper, you may need to have it sand blasted. Be careful sandblasting soft brick because it will eat it up.

Removing acrylic concrete sealer?

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What are some commercial uses for marble?

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Is granite strong?

Yes, granite is strong, It is often used as a building stone. On the mohs scale of hardness, it has a hardness of 7.

How do you clean grout sealer off bathtub?

  finger nail polish remover or acetone should remove the sealant, but there is a chance they would damage the finish of the tub, depending on the material. If it is porce
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