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How would you locate medical records from 1960?

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State laws usually only require holding them for a few years so they may no longer exist. The only way would be to contact the entity that provided the care and find out where the records are if if they are kept that long.
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How can you locate your medical records from a doctor you can't find anymore?

Answer   sometimes when a doctor leaves an area or seems to disappear, he has sold his practice. Try to go to the same building or place and ask if a new doctor may have

How do you get your medical records?

ok so what you should do is go to your normal health phisicican and ask for your medical records and he/she should be able to print them out for you

Supervalu is closing at my location How do I keep them from transferring your medical records without your permission?

  The pharmacy records are a part of the business, and are usually transferred to another nearby location within the company, or sold contractually to another company. 

How can you get your medical records?

Usually you just submit a request in writing to the doctor's office or hospital. In most states they must give them to you within a certain period of time (20 business days

Would Electronic medical record take over medical transcription?

I don't think so because you will still need MTs to go over the EMR to edit and review it. Additionally, not all doctors want to use EMR. I think it will take over the medical

What is medical records?

Medical records can easily be used interchangeably with Health records. These records systematically document a patient's history, from medical to demographic. These records a

Medical coding for medical records?

Medical coding is the job in which a disease condition is coded to category. Medical coding can be done by a certified medical coder. A medical record is the record of a patie

How can you prove to Social Security your disabilty if your medical records are old like from the 1960s and cannot not be located or have probably been destroyed?

The SSA will be the one that you will have to deal with to make your claim for disability and prove to the SSA that you meet the requirements for you to be able to receive the

How can you get your medical record?

Ask you GP/family doctor if you can see it (legally, they can't say no). If your medical record is more hospital based (i.e more complicated that just what your family doctor
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Where are medical records?

Medical records have traditionally been  compiled and maintained by health care providers, but advances in  online data storage have led to the development of personal healt