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I need to transfer my address book from my blackberry to my iphone and I don't have Outlook Express. I can back up my blackberry but cannot see to transfer to my iPhone Any ideas?

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How do you transfer address book from a blackberry pearl to blackberry curve?

Out of the box there is no quick and easy way to accomplish this. If you wish to carry out this task it must be done individually which if you have a large phone book could

How do you import blackberry address book to Outlook Express?

There may be a way to do this with the Blackberry Desktop software but I do it this way: Create a Google gmail acount with your desktop computer containing your outlook addres

How do you transfer an address book from a Blackberry Pearl to a Blackberry Curve?

If you have the PC cable it has it under the Blackberry Manger to transfer Data from one device to another.. back up the Blackb Get a new phone and what to transfser conta

How do you transfer blackberry memos to iPhone?

There are lots of iPhone data transfer software online, such as imeshootings imeshootings iPhone Transfer, imeshootings iPhone 4 to mac or PC transfer, just download the trail

How do you transfer music from blackberry to iPhone?

I will simply concludes function of tunesgo  retro: transfer file between iOS devices and PC/Mac, between IOS  devices, between IOS devices and iTunes (files includes: music