If 29 frogs are required to catch 29 flies in 29 minutes then how many frogs are required to catch 87 flies in 87 minutes?

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What is the greatest common factor of 29 and 87?

The answer is 29. . One way to determine the greatest common factor is to find all the factors of the numbers and compare them.. The factors of 29 are 1 and 29. The fact

How does a frog catch flies?

Frogs have very flexible tongues and they are very sticky, so when a bug goes by they just extend their tongue and it will catch the bug and they will eat it .

How many minutes to travil 29 miles?

Velocity (or speed) = Distance ÷ Time : Time = Distance ÷ Velocity As the distance (29 miles) is known then the velocity needs to be determined. If walking this will be
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How do you catch flies for frogs to eat?

Get a small fishing net to catch them. Once they are in you can just twist the net a bit to keep it in. It is a great way to feed your frog and keep them out of the house. If