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If I had a motor vehicle accident and have property damage liability is the other drivers vehicle covered?

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Liability That's what liability is all about. The keyword here is liability, which covers any incidents you may be liable for. Your policy will cover the vehicle, subject to policy limits. What happens if the damage you cause exceeds your policy limits, that I am unsure of.
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If a co owns a veh and is self insured and then hires a driver for that vehicle from another co and the driver has an accident on the vehicle owners property which co would be responsible for damage?

  A company owns a truck that is used to move semi-trailers and this company is self insured has leased a driver from another company and the driver has an accident on the

What does vehicle property damage insurance cover?

The property damage coverage is a part of the liability coverage and provides for the repair, replacement, or payment of the actual cash value of another party's vehicle if yo

How long do The OPP have to charge a driver after motor vehicle accident?

Depends if they catch you or not; However; they will charge you right after you are caught. So do not follow for their I will ask you questions and based on your answer I may

Does uninsured motor vehicle - pd cover damages to your car?

If you have automobile insurance with an uninsured motorist property damage endorsement it covers damage to your car caused by an uninsured motorist. If you have collision cov