If Israel unilaterally attacks Iran and Iran responds by declaring war on Israel do USA-Israel accords obligate the USA to declare war on Iran?

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The United States is not obligated by any standing treaty between the United States and Israel to intercede in Israel's defense. To date, of the numerous wars that Israel has fought, the United States has only ever provided economic support or gifting weapons. No American Soldier has given his life in an Israeli War. If Iran declared war on Israel, the United States would probably act similarly and may itself declare war on Iran, but this will not be out of any written treaty, but purely based on American regional interests.
The US must do whatever Israel tells it to do.
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What do you think the Iran president will do to Israel?

Iran's president will rail about the zionist Israel, claiming that they have no right to exist, and attempt to provoke other countries to respond. If countries do respond, it only helps his cause and helps to highlight it. This cause only serves to further nationalist sentiment, and distract from do (MORE)

Does Iran or Israel have the stronger army?

It is a question of size vs. weaponry. The Iranian military is much larger than the Israeli military but the Israeli military is more alert and better equipped. However, in a head to head confrontation, Iran would have the upper hand because its technology is advanced enough that it could overwhelm (MORE)

Is Iran at war?

No. Iran has Al-Kutz divisions within Iraqi borders, assists (withmoney and arms) Islamic militant/terrorist organizations likeHezbollah and Hamas, is engaged in a proxy war with Israel usingtargeted assassinations and the like, and supports Bashar al-Assadin Syria. However, Iran is not in a declare (MORE)

Why did the Iran-Israel War start?

Currently, there is no war between Iran and Israel. There are a number of proxy wars and assassinations which are discussed in the Related Question below.

Who would win in a war between Israel and Iran?

Answer 1 Easily Israel. Israel defeated three countries in six days. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria also contributed troops and arms. Just goes to show how the IDF is superior to any country bordering or currently against Israel. This depends on what type of war is (MORE)

What do Saudi Arabia Iran and Israel have in common?

They have almost nothing in common, except: . All three are located in the Middle East and are among the more powerful nations in that region. . All three have a potent animosity of the other two. . All three are considered the bastions of their particular religions (Sunni Islam, Shiite Islam, (MORE)

Will Iran attack Israel?

For the moment, Iran does not need to attack Israel. Its proxy armies like the Syrians, Hezbollah, and Hamas (all funded by and/or trained in Iran) are doing a sufficient job attacking and fighting Israel. If Israel or the United States declares open war on Iran, however, Iran will retaliate by atta (MORE)

Can Iran defeat Israel?

Even the most foolish man on earth know that iran is like a rat before israel and no arab country will defeat israel. Even if arab countries join hands together israel will still go with victory. God promise israel not to fear for he is with them all the time, so fight israel is like fighting god hi (MORE)

Can Israel beat Iran in war?

Answer 1 ABSOLUTELY!! . Israel has the technology in advanced weapons andhas the training and intelligence to beat Iran in a war. If we havesee and learned from all of Israels past wars that they have alwayscome out on top. All the Iranian president does is MOUTH OFF andthreaten Israel every other (MORE)

Why does Iran want to destroy Israel?

Because that the koran (their holy book) says that Israel will never rise again and shall never be a nation. and the islamic look and guess what they see?..yes Israel. God's Holy Nation still standing. and the falseness of their religion keeps telling them otherwise.. and in order to "help out (MORE)

Why do they have war in Iran?

I don't know which war are talking about , but i know that Iran has been under attack by any nations(greek,Rome empire,Europeans,USA(west) Arab, Egypt(south) Russian and north tribes(North) ,Central Asian tribes ,Turks(east)..... so in irans 4000 years history it hasn't passed more than 50 years wit (MORE)

Why is there war in Iran?

There is no war in Iran, It's just because people don't know that Iran and Iraq is two difrent countries.

Will Israel preemptively attack Iran and start World War 3?

A UN nuclear watchdog report suggests Iran could be developing anuclear bomb, apparently confirming long-held suspicions in theWest. Tehran denies the claims, insisting that its atomicintentions are peaceful. Israel (and the U.S.) may be makingpreparations to launch a military strike to destroy Iran (MORE)

Why did Israel declare war on Palestine?

Israel has never actually declared war on Palestine. If you are referring to a specific war between Israel and Hamas or the general causes of the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank or the Gaza Strip, please ask that question. If this is a general question on the causes of the Israeli-Palestinian (MORE)

Did Israel declare war on Egypt in 1980?

No. Israel was not at war or declaring war on anyone in 1980. In 1981, Israel entered the Lebanese Civil War after a barrage of rockets coming from southern Lebanon under PLO control.

Can Iran destroy Israel?

No. If Iran were to build 3-5 nuclear weapons they could, although they would undoubtedly be destroyed in the process by Israeli nukes and US nukes. However, there is no evidence that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program and no evidence that Iran hates another state enough to see its 5,000 yea (MORE)

Who is more poweful Iran or Israel?

Iran and Israel are strong . but Israel has the help of Amercia but right now America is very weak . Iran has the help of a lot of places like muslim armys like ben lodens armys and russia if the war did happen amercia would 100% LOSE in the end israel does have boms in the end israel would ha (MORE)

How does oil affect the economies in Israel Saudi Arabia and Iran?

Israel: As Israel has no oil fields, a lot of Israeli foreign policy (after trying to settle the Arab problems) is to find a reputable source of energy. This energy policy led to a strong alliance with Iran from 1948-1979 during which Israel purchased numerous millions of barrels of Iranian oil. Un (MORE)

How did Iran affect Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel?

Iran has charismatic leader like, Ahmadinedja. He has anti-western polIcy and called Israel, United States as his enemy. Today he has ambition to create nuclear weapon. So with his spirit and policy, it will make Hezbollah in Libanon jyhad more against Israel and western. For Israel people, it b (MORE)

Can Israel defeat Iran in war?

If Iran did not use Nuclear weapon's then Israel would definitely win, it is the military power within the middle east, and has won all the Arab-Israeli wars so far. And Israel has the support of the EU and the United States.

Why does the US support Israel instead of Iran?

Answer 1 This policy of support for the State of Israel goes back to theTruman Adminstration. Iran lost U.S. support in the CarterAdminstration. The Obama Adminsitration has been rethinking theserelationships and is working to reverse both of these decisions ofprevious adminstrations. Answer 2 T (MORE)

Where in Iran is the war?

There are no wars being fought in Iran currently. The US is involved in Afghanistan and drawing out of Iraq.

Why is Israel allowed nuclear weapons but not Iran?

Answer 1 It is the policy of double standards adopted by the West. They want Israel to be the only dominating power in the Middle East. US always supports Israel in UN by veto and UN can not have any limitation for Israel. Answer 2 Iran is a country that has made clearly bellicose statemen (MORE)

Will Israel invade Iran?

I'd really love to be able to answer your question, but Bibi has not contacted me lately. He doesn't write, he doesn't call, I'm telling you, it's hard. What's a person supposed to do ? It's not for myself, but we used to talk, and I thought it meant something now that Morris is gone.

Who declare war on Israel after it was formed?

Well, in fact all of its neighbours have been at war with Israel since it was formed in 1947, but in the 1948 war specifically it was Palestine who was most eager to go to war, but other Arab nations were joint in the war effort, including Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Will Iran attack Israel first?

Our Department of Clairvoyance is closed for the evening, andwithout them, I can't even tell when they'll be open again. But personally, it seems to me that Israel can't afford to allowthat to happen.

Is Israel threatening to invade Iran?

Iran has threatened to wipe Israel from the map. Israel hasdeclared its intention to defend itself and its people. Mostcontemplated Israeli military strikes on Iran are air strikes. Whenconsidering the Iranian topography and the fact that Israel has noally bordering Iran except Azerbaijan, a land in (MORE)

Why are Israel and Iran fighting?

Answer 1 They are not yet at open war. The fighting takes two forms: 1...Iran is an aggressive and dangerous regional power, aiming its force at many states, including Israel. They are developing atomic weapons with the declared aim of 'wiping Israel from the page of history.' This is the proxim (MORE)

Why israel has nuclear missile but Iran shouldn't have?

Your grammar is atrocious. Israel has nuclear weapons because they were given them by the US, UK, and France, to counter the Soviet armed Arab nations, and as part if our nuclear deterint. Israel later built their own (illegally), as well as intermediate range missiles based of American designs. (MORE)

What are the differences between Israel and Iran?

Israel (Military) Israel has the highest ratio of defense spending to GDP and as a percentage of the budget of all developed countries. The Israel Defense Forces is the sole military wing of the Israeli security forces, and is headed by its Chief of General Staff, the Ramatkal, subordinate to th (MORE)

Why do Iran and Israel disagree?

Answer 1 Iran's president has repeatedly and publicly stated Iran's desire and intention to eliminate Israel. Israel is virtually the only country that suspects that he means what he says. In other words, Iran and Israel disagree mainly on the concept of Israel's continued existence. Answer 2 (MORE)

Will Scotland attack England before Iran attacks Israel?

Highly unlikely. The situation between Israel and Iran is significantly more volatile than the situation between Scotland and England. This is especially unlike since Scotland will likely break away from the UK peacefully, and this might happen as soon as next year if the country votes for it.

Should Iran attack Israel with nuclear weapons would they also destroy Palestine?

No. Iran and Israel should be countries that are at peace with oneanother, as they were prior to 1979. Additionally, no countryshould use nuclear weapons in combat; they are horrible devices. ===== Answer #2: I think the questioner used the word "Should" as a form of "If",asking whether a nuc (MORE)

Are Israel and Iran mostly similar?

The Israeli people and Iranian people are actually rather similar. They both are very cultured with a "European" disposition. They like to read and write, have on-average a high degree of commerce and education, and a strong feeling of a national historic narrative. The governments and social org (MORE)

Is Iran better than Israel?

It depends on what your metric is for determining "better". Answer 1 There are far many more civil rights in Israel (even for the Occupied Palestinians) than exist in Iran. That makes Israel better in my opinion.

Will anyone will help Israel when or if Iran attacks the homeland?

Answer 1: From the original asker of the question: I doubt it. Look at what Syria is prepared to do to her own people let alone what she would do to Israel if they had. Answer 2 If Iran attacks Israel, there is little doubt that the United States will enter the fray. Additionally, some countries (MORE)

What was the name of the war where Israel attacked on Egypt Syria Jordan and Iran?

Iran and Israel have never actually gone to war. The two countries have fought a long, drawn-out proxy war for the last three decades, but never a direct conflict. You are likely asking about the Six Day War, but what is worth noting is that the only country that Israel attacked was Egypt. Then Syr (MORE)

Is there war between Israel and Iran?

Currently, there is not a declaration of war between the countries of Israel and Iran. There is, however, strong political tension between the two nations, each one threatening armed attacks on the other over border relations.