If a 2005 kia optima shut off whilst driving but the lights and radio were still on and you pulled it over and tried starting it again and it wouldn't what might be wrong?

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If a 1998 Kia Sportage will not start but the lights and radio work what could be wrong?

starter relay check that... If you can jump the starter motor directly and get the engine to fire up this tells us the starter and battery and engine management systems are

Your glow plug light flashes occasionally whilst driving and you lose all power you switch off ignition and it starts okay What is wrong?

Answer . If you are not getting fuel that light will flash. It's probably overheating without the fuel to cool it. When you start out, after the car sits, all the crap in t

2005 Kia Optima - stalling at stop signs - running rough - check engine light - what's wrong?

Check the gas cap. I know this sounds too simple to be true, but unless you tightented it right the last time you were at the pump this could be it. My 2002 optima just had th

How do you start a 2004 Yamaha warrior when the neutral light does not shine and the starter does not turn or make any noise After i shut it off and tried to start again the light wouldn't light up?

If you have a dead battery and stator, it won't run, but if your stator is still good, you can run it with out the battery. There are really two ways to start it, you can pu
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You were driving and your car tried to die like you were running out of gas you pulled over and went to start it again and it would turn over but not start just keeps cranking?

Was there gas in the gas tank? How old is your car? Sometimes your fuel filter gets clogged up. Sometimes your carburetor gets clogged up. Sometimes your fuel injectors get cl