If cannabis were legalized would the crime rates in the US increase?

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  • It has not been conclusively proven either way whether the legalization of cannabis would increase or decrease crime rates in the US; the debate goes on, with different people putting forward different theories. There is a possibility that crimes related to fund the habit would increase, but it is not likely; people who use the drug are likely to do so regardless of the law, as we see in society today.

    If cannabis were legalized, those who would use it more regularly would probably be the type who would use it more socially and less often, paying for it with money earned from work, rather than from crime. The logic behind this is that the current users, the ones breaking the law, are the more regular users who can only afford to fund the habit by committing crimes. This would mean that crime rates would remain more or less the same.

    However, you also need to consider that everyone smoking marijuana would no longer be breaking the law when they used it, so crime rates here would go down. The overall effect of this would probably be a reduced crime rate.

    Further research would be required by experts before a government decision on the subject, but the outlook does look positive in terms of crime rates. Another factor to consider is that there may be knock-on effects to the legalization of cannabis: Some people claim it can lead to the use of stronger substances, but the evidence goes against this. If those people who started using cannabis went on to using stronger drugs, then the crime rate could be affected adversely, with people commiting crimes to fund addictions to heroin, cocaine or other drugs. It very much depends on the scale of the knock-on effects. Although unlikely (research HAS proven that cannabis usually doesn't lead on to harder drugs) they could possibly occur.

    My conclusion, therefore, is that the result of legalizing cannabis would most likely lead to a reduction in US crime rates, but not definitely.
  • Adding to what the previous respondent said in the last paragraph, this is recognized by many political parties across the world, usually those that are left of center, which have the legalization of cannabis and other substances written into their manifesto. In some countries, there are parties solely aimed at achieving this; the best example is the Legalise Cannabis Alliance in the U.K. In some countries whose government stance is more liberal in this area, it is already legal, e.g., Belgium and Russia.

    As far as violent crime goes, the statistics are inconclusive as to whether legalization would result in a reduction. In Belgium, where the drug is legal, the most recent study of homicides per 100,000 people showed a low rate, just 1.50. Then again, in Russia, where the drug is also legal, the most recent study revealed a 16.5/100,000 homicide rate -- a definite correlation can not be seen between legalized cannabis and reduced murder rates. In places where the drug is illegal the same thing is true; no pattern seems to exist.
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In which countries is cannabis legal?

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Where is cannabis legal?

Netherlands (holland) -Germany -Switzerland -Italy -Cambodia -Peru -India -Bangladesh -Russia -Iran -Argentina -brazil -Ontario (Canada) There's probably more, these are the only ones I can think of PS: alot of countries banned it but still tolerate it/never enforce it

Is cannabis legal?

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What is the crime rate in the US?

of crimes (11,877,000) divided by population (311,000,000) = .038 the crime rate is 4% which is actually remarkably low compared to other countries. I know the UK has 10% which is higher.

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Does marijuana increase crime rate?

Yes, legalization would cause the crime rate to plummet as well as put the control into the hands of the state, take it out of the hands of drug cartels.

Can cannabis cause crime?

No, Cannabis in itself cannot directly cause crime. Criminals cause crime, whether they use cannabis or not. I do not believe nor have I ever witnessed evidence that even the effects of cannabis use can encourage someone under the influence to commit crime. In fact quite the opposite. Cannabis is r (MORE)

Can cannabis ever be legal?

Yes, but it will take a lot of work on the part of activists and concerned citizens. The matrix of greed, disinformation, corporate and power interests, lack of media attention, harsh penalties for use and distribution, and fear on the part of the general user to speak up, keep this failed prohibiti (MORE)

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What country is cannabis legal in?

-Netherlands (holland) -Germany -Switzerland -Italy -Cambodia -Peru -India -Bangladesh -Russia -Iran -Argentina -brazil -Ontario (Canada) There's probably more, these are the only ones I can think of PS: alot of countries banned it but still tolerate it/never enforce it

Is cannabis legal in Ukraine?

In Ukriane weed is illegal, but most of the time people who get busted smoking it get away by giving the money to the police. I hear a story from my friend that a group of teens got away with it by paying 1000 grivn each

What causes crime rate to increase?

Crime rate is increased by lack of education , poverty and sometimes people are left with no option other than commiting crime. They are actually decreasing. Yes, they do alternate up and down over the years but overall they are declining.

Crime rate is increasing in many cities what government do to reduce crime levels?

Reason of growing crime rate everywhere mainly is because of economy. It effects people's main source of salary. In a situation where money is harder to acquire, everyone starts to find ways to get it, the easiest way is by committing crimes. As bad economy continues, more crime rate surely will gro (MORE)

What is crime rate in UK compared to crime rate in US?

Britain has a higher crime rate than the US. About 60 Britains could fit in the US, and the US has about 5 timesa higher population than Britain so of course the crimes would be ahigher number, but when you put it too even weighings, Britainwould have a higher crime rate. Britain is 11% crime rate (MORE)

What is causing crime rate to increase?

poverty is causing the crime rate to go up. We try to fight crime and violence when poverty is the main influence. it is all the governments plan check out educate-yourself.org

How did crime rate increase?

Crime rates fluctuate, it rises and falls. When it rises the media report it. When it falls no one seems to notice.. There is research to suggest that the crime rate relates to the percentage of the population that are males in their late teens and their twenties. http://www.albany.edu/hindelang/ (MORE)

If marijuana were legal would it increase consumption?

It is unlikely that it would. Cannabis has been decriminalised in both the Netherlands and in Portugal, and there are fewer Dutch and Portuguese cannabis smokers than there are British and American cocaine users (proportionally with respect to total population).

What do you think about legalization of cannabis?

It's relatively harmless; the legal consequences are more severe than the health consequences; I believe it should be legalized. Maybe it'll get some people off the booze which is way more toxic; I mean no one's ever died of marijuana poisoning while people die from alcohol poisoning all the time-- (MORE)

Ways to overcome the increase in crime rates?

1. "Technological changes are induced by economic factors, but they are not only economic, but also social consequences". Discuss the above in detail, giving suitable examples. lake of money.

Why did cannabis used to be legal?

Because cannabis has many benefits both medicinally and industrially, but the government will not accept science that states this and decided to schedule it as a schedule 1 drug, meaning no medicinal value. 13 states so far have decided that it does have some medical value and allow it to qualified (MORE)

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Where is cannabis legal and policemen will not catch someone using it?

Those are the reigons of the cannabis zone 1. Norfolk, United Kingdom 2. Luxembourg (maximum 200 g solid or 250 ml liquid) 3. The Netherlands 4. Poland 5. Greece (maximum 1 kg solid or 2 l liquid) 6. Ethiopia 7. Eritreia (maximum 20 g solid, liquid is illegal) 8. Rwanda 9. Burundi 10. Namibia (sol (MORE)

When will Cannabis be re-legalized in the US?

As soon as it is brought to a vote by the People of the US. California, and several other states are putting some form of decriminalization measures to the People, on their state ballots THIS YEAR (2010).

Will a decrease in crime rate increase GDP?

A decrease in crime rate will decrease GDP. This is because areas of high crime require a higher police presence, available medical help, and people living in those areas will spend money to stay safe. People spend money on locks and security systems and many other items that they feel will keep the (MORE)

What are the causes of increasing crime rate?

There are different factors that have a direct or indirect influence on crime rates of any given place. Economics plays a large part in crime rates and particular crimes such as burglery, robberies, homicides, and drug related crimes. Inner city neighborhoods have more and different crimes than are (MORE)

Does marijuana use increase crime rates?

It's currently illegal, so yes. This question has been debated by an untold number of people. I believe that it's legalization would require limitations just as alcohol does. That being said, look at the history of alcohol and crime. It was illegal during the 1930's, which propagated the crimina (MORE)

What is the crime rate in Nepal compared to the crime rate in US?

Crime rate in Nepal is nothing in comparison to US. We can't sayNepal has no crime at all but still it's very less if we compare itwith the US. Most of the crime happens with politicalmotivation.Most of the gang leaders were supported by the politicalparties, so they don't hesitate to commit crime a (MORE)

Would legalizing marijuana or other drugs create more crime or lower crime?

It appears to be already legal as you can buy a similar product in most cigarette shops for $25/gram, which apparently has a similar affect, but is not detectable as a form of drug by Police testing equipment..... so why bother with 'is it better to legalise or not' as they will keep using one way o (MORE)

How does unemployment lead to the increase in crime rate?

There is no direct correlation. Those who will commit crimes, will do so whether employed or not. Those who will not, are not inclined to commit crimes regardless of their employment situation. While some people may reach a level of desperation that can cause them to compromise their morals, most pe (MORE)

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Is cannabis legal yet?

depends where your talking about in the u.s its legal in some states for medical purposes only

Should the cannabis plant be legalized?

there are many good medical and civil things that can come out of legalization but also some bad ones like every american becoming pot heads so its all how you yourself personaly look at i belive it should be